Monday, June 14, 2010

early morning flags, new dollies and herb gardens

~ early morning flags ~
Early morning sunlight crept up over the hills sending long finger like shadows across
the glistening mint fields first... then through my windows and shone bright on our flag early this morning.
a beautiful start for Flag Day don't you think?....
Today I spent working on new dollies and digging in the garden.
Sculpting new dollies is always an exciting thing for me...
the little drawings and sketches and ideas I've scratched away at onto a napkin or the page corners of the
little book I keep in my pocket
begin to come to life...
I'm always so anxious to have them all begin to come to life at once...
just as I have dreamed of them being....the tilt of the head, a delicate chin...
a new sprigged frock...

my dollye ladyes & poppets

~~ A quiet and peaceful morning was spent planting more herbs from the greenhouse

herbs such as self-heal, chamomile, borage and comfrey.
This winter I'll make tea with my own dried chamomile to drink
while we read in front of the fire.
but today I'm enjoying their sprightly little daisy like blossoms
waving gently in the warm breeze with the star shaped blue blossoms of the borage
tucked at their feet.
Most of my gardens have been planted just for the new bees & they're
loving every little thing I've planted for them.
They seem so grateful for flowers to explore and dig into with all their might...
and at this moment all the garden is content
with the happy humming of my bees covering every flowering plant.
it's been a pretty near perfect day...
a quiet & peaceful day.
wouldn't it be lovely if it were as peaceful and quiet, every day...
all around the world.
I hope it has been such a day for you, too, my friend.


Debbie said...

Yes, it is wonderful to experience the peace of the garden. A beautiful place we can bring care and nurturance and receive abundant gifts to nurture us through the long dark months.
Your garden is beautiful.

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

Yes, it would be wonderful if every day were quiet and peaceful all around the world. :-)

Your garden is beautiful. You inspire me to go to the greenhouse and buy herbs to plant in the deck boxes. And to stop torturing the little sedum plants and get them out of their pots.


Ulla said...

Dolls, herbs and sunshine... doesn't get much better than that! Lovely to see your artistic creations, and hear your poetic words. I hope you are well and happy!

katiebird said...

What a really lovely post, mom. I love how your true nature just pours out of your writing. You really are that thoughtful about the little things, and I'm so glad you share yourself with us like that. :)

Heather said...

Lovely flag day to you! your garden looks gorgeous and look at those sweet dolly faces! They are the prettiest little things!~

Finegan Antiques said...

Dear Christine,

With each of your wonderfully written posts, we are privledged to catch a glimpse of your beautiful soul.


Gayle said...

Christe"--We really can find peace in the garden. Nice to hear about new dollies and see your "kitchen herb garden". I can picture you drinking your tea next winter and dreaming of new dollies.

your friend Gayle

Suzanne said...

Ahh, I can smell all the fragrances. Your garden looks so peaceful and beautiful. I let some of my herbs flower the look, and cuttings they render.
Love the peek at your latest elegant ladyes....continued happy creating!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Such beauty in your garden.
The dollies cause us to ponder such delight and bestill the heart with longing.
Enjoy the arrival of Summer sweet lass and indulge in all its bounty.
Susan x

Laura said...

You had a very full day, my friend. I can only imagine how satisfied your soul was.

Your kitchen garden is brimming it seems!


Laura Frantz said...

Hi again, Christine,
When I was looking at your beautiful dolls, I wondered if you know the dollmaker, Wendy Lawton? Or if you'd been to the doll museum in Seattle/Bellevue? Something tells me you may have dolls on display there:)

Storybook Woods said...

I always love to see pictures of your garden. It is sooo beautiful. I know Tasha would love your garden xoxox Clarice

Doreen said...

Such a beautiful post. I just added a few more lovely herbs to my garden..chamomile being one of them..I'm looking so forward to tea made with my own herbs..such a simple thing but yet so thrilling at the same time.

Wishing you a wonderful day,

Mrs. Staggs said...

Every visit to Deerfield, though virtual, feels peaceful and quiet. I always feel so much better while in your company Dear Mrs. Crocker.

The dolls are always a pleasure to see, and I've been enjoying the dollhouse stories.

I have new apple scented and rose scented geraniums for my herb garden. I want to try making scented sugar with them.

May a peaceful contentment accompany you today.


Tracy said...

Dear Heart,
I haven't checked your blog in oh so long...and it made my heart happy to see your beautiful dolls and gardens and baby chicks! Miss talking to you. Congrats on the new grandbaby!!!
Love Tracy

Tracy said...

Dear Heart,
I haven't checked your blog in oh so long...and it made my heart happy to see your beautiful dolls and gardens and baby chicks! Miss talking to you. Congrats on the new grandbaby!!!
Love Tracy