Tuesday, June 19, 2007

love at first sight

tatter'd & worn, handsewn musty pages now soft as butter & faded-a new year from so very long ago...
papery brown silke slippers with whispery bows,
poor bent dolly watches over bisque babies sleeping inside tiny girl slippers, worn through at the toes,
tattery silk ribbons still dance on their toes, one pale blue button missing, now a nest for faded blue silk berries.
fat strawberries dance across an old cloth box. a baby sleeps among forgotten robin's eggs in a nest of tarnished silver threads.
old velvet, worn thin, silk edgings and glass beads in pale patterns of long ago...

thin spidery flourishes and swirls take wing beneath thin wavy ripples,

all within the confines of a once elegant frame.

everything spoke to me and it was love at first sight.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

earlie summer offerings

This is my very favorite time of the year.
The animals & fields all call for attention.
The deer are in the gardens with their new babies, all feasting on
squash blossoms & strawberries.
The spring and early summer has brought so much wonderful rain, the fields & gardens
are lush & lovely.
When I'm not hoeing out thistles & Lambs tongue & tending to the gardens,
I've been able to make a few new dollies for you to enjoy.
Please do come for a visit with us this Friday evening.
yours kindly,

Friday, June 1, 2007

she colors our world with love

She brought her rainbow paintbox
when she came.
She colors our world
with her little paintbrush...
Sunshine yellow hair flying,
pink boots clomping, rainbow colored"pretties" on her wrist, her "strawberry jam around the edges" smiling little face.
we all tag along as she rides her orange, yellow & purple trike through fairy worlds of wonder and awe, not afraid to try anything, she hops and skips into everyday, dolly under her arm, mostly happy, sometimes stormy, always lots of hugs & kisses and "love you" all around,
She brought all the colors of the rainbow and painted our hearts with love
Happy 2nd Birthday
Emma Anne