Monday, December 24, 2007

there was just something about him.....

when I first saw him, he was nestled in the old mitten just as you see him.
His crown chipped and his little hand long gone....
Someone before me had surely loved him and
had seen to it that he was safe & warm before they
let him go.
He has been there, asleep on his old mitten,
Peace, Love & Joy every Christmas
and every day
in between.
I wish for you all
much love, peace and joy
this Christmas
every day in between.
with love,
~Our dear Mr. Jefferson & the Deerfield Ladye's send their very Best to you all
and hope that you are enjoying the Spirit of Christmas.
They will return again with stories and news in the New Year~
Bless you all for your friendship and love,
Merry Christmas
a blessed New Year

Monday, December 3, 2007

My dear Madame....

a voice called down from the top of the old cupboard-
"My dear Madame"...
Mr. Jefferson spoke with great calm & dignity "Please, do not trouble yourself concerning my first meeting with the ladyes,
"he said, peering over the edge. " As you can see, I am quite well"... He looked surprisingly well. I also took note that in the short time he had been on the shelf that he had fashioned for himself a hat made from a bit of the wrapping paper that he had arrived in.... and tied some of the string around it to keep it in place. A resourceful fellow...since his arms were themselves tied on with string.
"In fact, he confided, as he adjusted the paper hat. " I was quite taken with their enthusiasm upon my arrival....I understand that the ladyes may not be used to much company, especially when that company is a gentleman. Of course, my sudden appearance has probably caused a bit of unexpected giddiness.
..."and the parlor tea table seems to have a bit of a tilt to it...and...." his voice trailed into a whisper... " I'm afraid that my spectacles were still in my vest pocket and I actually lost my footing and went down on my own accord...I do believe the ladies were only trying to help me up again...
and so as he spoke and told me about his missing spectacles, the fact that one leg is a bit shorter than the other, these combined with the tippy parlor table and apparently our Mr. Jefferson was much older than he had let on, it all became quite clear what had actually happened. it would seem that along with a most enthusiastic welcome, our dear Mr. Jefferson is a bit of a clumsy fellow without his spectacles...and more importantly, he is much older than he let fact, quite old. Something to do with being "repainted"....poor fellow...
"and so dear Madame...if you would do me the kind service of finding something more appropriate for me to wear until my clothes are mended, I shall be most honored and pleased to join you with all your dear family for tea in front of the fire this evening...perhaps we may all begin again."
He smiled down at me.
He was now leaning precariously over the edge of the shelf, dangling a thin sock with a hole in the toe... "do you think you might be able to do something with this before the appointed hour?"
to be continued...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

oh, Christmas is lovely ...

oh, isn't Christmas time lovely....
it's the first of December, looking out my windows snow is falling as I write. The candles are lit on the mantle, the fir wreath on the front door is dusted with snow, a good fire in the fireplace and the scents of Christmas have come to my little farmhouse.
We've been to the woods with our little grandchildren to cut our tree, we've been going to the woods since I was very small...and we carried the tradition on with our children and now our little grandchildren... it's just lovely...seeing their excitement and the snow falling as we tramped through the firs and pines looking for the perfect tree to bring home. Feeling the same excitement ourselves...making snow angels under the trees, wondering if they'll be found before the snow fills them in... Seeing Christmas through their eyes makes this celebration just what it is meant to be. Peace & Joy, great Hope, love for each other and the promise of good things to come.
This evening our tree stands in front windows, not yet dressed and waiting for it's old paper and tinsel, wonderful beeswax candles & chalk ware Santas , gingerbread animals & sparkling glass charms .
Each year we add more and each year our tree is even more beautiful...and Christmas more meaningful as our family gathers and is together.
oh, Christmas is lovely....
with love,
Deerfield Farm

Dear Readers,

Our story of "Mr Jefferson comes calling"

continues tomorrow...with

"My dear Madame".....