Wednesday, April 16, 2008

my first year blog anniversarie celebration & news

One evening, over a year ago now, I sat with my daughter on her bed playing
with her lap top...
"oh, I've got to get one of these!" I said, emphatically.
Speaking of her lap top, of course, and exclaiming over her then new blog
How luxurious,I thought to myself. To sit upon your bed and sail the world over!
To visit exciting places and wonderful people,
seeing such things that I had no idea even existed.
things that can only be dreamt of.
and so~~~~~
with Katie's help,
The Pastoral Doll Maker was born that very evening.
From my chair by the window I can see our farm unfolding hill upon hill, dressed in her best soft green gown of spring...
the twittering of the meadow lark, the sound of contented frogs
singing from the newly filled pond.
oh! there's the scent of crab apple blossoms catching me by surprise while I write.
and I can share it all first hand.
This has been a wonderful year of learning, of growth & discovery and I am grateful for all of you, my dear friends, new & old, who have come to Deerfield Farm
for a visit & peppermint tea on the porch or
for a walk through the fields with me.
I have visited & made new friends in countries all over the world from my old wing chair.
all while sitting here, snug, by the crackling fire on snowy winter evenings.


To celebrate my First year blog Anniversarie,

I invite you to write a sentence or two, a paragraph maybe and tell me what you have enjoyed most while visiting me here this year...

and what you would like to see & hear more of.

This is your entry into the First Anniversarie Celebration.

Mr Fine Pigg is away for a few weeks away to visit his family at the neighboring farm
and so I will be drawing the name of a lucky someone who leaves their kind thoughts.
There is a lovely Paper Trifle to be given away~
hand made especially for this occasion.
The winner will be chosen on Friday, May 2, 2008 shortly before my
Sweet Springe Celebration
beginning at 5 pm that First Friday of May.
I hope that when you do come for a visit,
that you'll feel comfortable and please leave a comment.
~please leave your name and a way for me to contact you~
I love to hear from everyone and will do my best to do the same for you.
I look forward to hearing from you~
with love
on this day,
ps. I have heard from a little bird that the newest issue of Artful Blogging may contain
a little something about The Pastoral Doll Maker.
April 24***after traveling for hours and miles
and spending my children's inheritance for gas...
I have not yet found the newest issue of Artful Blogging.
We sat on the floor in front of the artist's & crafter's
magazine shelves
at Barnes & Noble
had wonderful mocha's.
We basked in the heady coffee aroma & delightful atmosphere
of a real live book sellers .
Spent some delicious time looking through
all the newest magazines,
but did not find the one issue
I was looking for.
it surely is coming ... and it is somewhere...
my little bit of being published is not in the Spring 2008 issue.
but rather the Summer 2008 issue
on the newsstands May 1.
I can be patient....being surrounded by rows upon rows
and piles of books
and other bookish people was heaven.
double mocha's and they mix?
ah yes, they do for me.
I have not yet seen this little bit of story about the dolls myself,
but I hope to very soon.