Friday, May 24, 2013

peaceful and content

We woke to a very wet and chilly early morning here on Deerfield Farm. Every leaf, every blade of grass and the mint fields stretching out to meet the hills are covered with droplets of rain and everything in such beautiful shades of green...
Mist covers the low places and the pond and doves are calling back and forth. The scent of wood smoke in the air from our chimney.

  It reminds me very much of visiting Tasha Tudor's home and gardens in her beautiful kingdom of Vermont. 

      photo of Tasha Tudor's gardens by Richard Brown

 Wishing you all a beautiful Memorial weekend, be safe and enjoy this beautiful spring day!

 And here is a little something for you~
  "I n  the dark of early morning just between fading starlight and the first bird call, she opened the door out into the kitchen garden.

Wrapping her shawl closer, she stepped onto the stone stoop. Sipping hot tea from an old handless cup decorated with mulberry-black pastoral views, held in both hands. Steam rose from her cup, she sighed with content, warming her hands against the early morning chill.

The fresh scent of garden herbes and the apothecary rose enveloped her as she stood in the doorway. Rain left droplets along the saw tooth leaves of the Ladyes Mantle and there, a small cottontail darted away from his breakfast of tender lettices.
As the pale light came through the trees she could see that it would be a damp day. She drank the last sip of tea & slipping the empty cup into the pocket hidden beneath her flowered petticoat, she walked down the brick path, out of the kitchen yard and down a trail through the tall grass into the apple trees...."

excerpt from " Song of the Doll maker" by Christine Crocker of Deerfield Farmhouse
published in "A Simple Life Magazine" Winter issue 2010.

photo by Richard Brown of Tasha Tudor's gardens