Thursday, October 25, 2007

peace & plenty- a walk around Deerfield

I wanted to share what I see when I go for walks here at Deerfield.
My beautiful mountains, these are the
3 Sisters.

Mt. Jefferson

in honor of our Mr. Thomas Jefferson

our 3rd president of the United States.

He's here every morning to have coffee with me.

our high desert has many beauties, maybe only in the eye of the beholder,

but the dearest place on earth to me.

if only you could smell the heavy scent of juniper and sagebrush.

one of my favorite roads to walk

~Hay Creek Road~

fat & happy black angus cows awaiting the birth of
fall calves.
nothing sweeter than a newborn black angus calf.
I'm looking forward to seeing them run and play.
I hope you enjoy seeing a little of what I see every day.
If you close your eyes and let the crisp air brush your cheek
you can almost hear the sagebrush whispering
there are many tales in these old hills.

Friday, October 12, 2007

on women & friendship

I am not often in the company of other women as my life here has always seemed to be connected with the beautiful farm...what it needs and what we need to do to care for it. It is a constant quiet calling, a gentle hum of days filled with work from dawn to long after dark. There is not much time for "lunch with the girls" or shopping other than for groceries and feed for the animals.
I grew up this way and am quite used to it.
But lately I have felt a calling for myself beyond the call of my beautiful land.
...the company of other women.
and yet, it is a foreign place for me.
my dear friend, Gayle, who is quite a wonderful & successful business woman- she owns 3 wonderful antique malls in Portland, Oregon.
She has been my dear friend for nearly 20 years and I feel very comfortable in her presence.
We can visit up a storm and not see each other for months at a time and then when we do, we can start right where we left off
as though no time has passed at all.
She understands my love of the land and yet she knows, too, that we all need the company of other women...and she gave the gift of an experience that I would not have had.
She draws me in from the fields with words like "early home, early antiques...gardens...and invited me to accompany her into the most delicious of experiences such as an invitation to lunch with other women, all accomplished, all genuine and all wonderfully interesting beyond my realm. I loved it.
and it all took place in a home that just sang to my heart.
Rufus Porter murals-handpainted by our hostess- surrounded us at a long black table decorated with the fruits of autumn, flowers and candles in pewter candlesticks, delectable food & champagne which I need to ask the name of...a fire burning and crackling in the fireplace and reflected in the satin smooth wooden floorboards.
My eye was drawn to the colors of the walls, a pale persimmon with a collection of very early mirrors, so beautiful that I could not breath at first glance...beautiful hand hooked rugs and stone fruit, early paintings and silhouettes...
everywhere you looked was a feast for the eyes and soul.
Lovely old paned windows let in the late afternoon light as we all became sisters around that lovely old table. With stories and laughter and tears shed with the sharing of each others accomplishments and strength in the adversities of life.
I became aware that I am a sister to other women and need them.
It was a treasured afternoon that I will never forget.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Congratulations & thank you dear winners

and the Lucky Winners are.....

The Grand Prize Winner
Gladys Battson
2nd prize winner of a lovely antique worn velvet
pinkeep-seen in the background-
Ulla Milbrath
The winners of the
~fine hand made pin keep boxes are~
Carol S. Curtis-Reinbold
Norma Templeton
Kathy Barrick-Dieter
Dixie Redmond
these are very lucky ladye's indeed
as there were very nearly 700 entries!
my very best
Congratulations to you all!
thank you so very much everyone
for helping me to Celebrate my 20th Anniversarie
of dolly making
it was great fun!

schnuffling out the winners

Honorable F. Pigg
the winners cup.

it's almost time!

the Honorable F.Pigg
has kindly agreed to officiate our
Anniversarie Celebration
this afternoon
as my grandchildren
are just getting over a case of the sniffles.
all is in readiness
Let the Merrie -Making begin!!!!