Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tonight on OPB's Oregon Art Beat~ Katie Estvold of Sparrow's Cottage ~

Books Bound Angel by Katie Estvold
I'm very proud to be sharing this wonderful bit of news with all of you this afternoon.
My daughter, Katie Estvold, painter & paper artist
and lover of
~all Things 18th Century~
will be presented this evening on Oregon Public Broadcasting
"Oregon Art Beat" at 8 pm.
Katie will be talking about her art and her love of the 18th c.
from her home, Sparrow's Cottage, deep in the woods of Oregon.
If you live in Oregon, you can watch the show this evening on OPB at 8pm.
If you are not in Oregon, you can view the show on the internet~
it will be archived, so you can watch it at your leisure at any time on their website:
I hope that you will be able to see this segment.
I'm very proud of my Katie,
who as a little girl,
sat by me and her brother, playing with her paint box, paper & scissors
while I sewed and wrote nearly everyday.
I'm very proud that Katie has this wonderful opportunity
for her art to be acknowledged
and to be able to share her love of old paper
and her art with all of us.
to see more of Katie's work~

Friday, April 3, 2009

a beautiful gift

for me there's nothing more wonderful than putting clean crisp sheets on my bed.
freshly washed and dried on the line sheets.
they remind me of being a little girl, playing all day with my brothers and sister
in the bright spring sunshine and then
being coaxed into the house for dinner and a bath...
There's nothing like
putting on "fresh from the clothes line flannel jammies"
after a nice hot bath
stiff from being dried on the line
and so fresh and clean, that the scent stings your nose...
my daughter, Katie, presented me with the best gift ever.
She had made for me this wonderful brown homespun
~ and completely hand sewn ~clothes pin bag.
It's just wonderful.
Inside I found at least a whole dozen or more of clothes pins.
Katie hand carved ~actually, we like to say they are whittled ~each one for me.
and they
every bit as sturdy and useful
as they are beautiful.
Simply hand carved from our own poplar whips and tightly wired together.
what could be better than this...
a nice hot bath after a long day of working in the yard,
slipping into a stiff pair of flannel jammies
and snuggling down
and falling asleep between the first crisp sheets of spring.
Thank you, my Katie.
~here's a wonderful tutorial by Katie if you'd like to make your own wooden clothes pins! ~