Monday, March 30, 2009

~thank you dear friends~
all is well.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a lovely First Day of Spring & to thank you all so very much~a little drawing

~little cotton tail bunny who lives under the old lilac~
Happy First Day of Spring
dearest friends,
I'm need a little bit of help, please.
as with all things modern and electronic, I have found that you just can't
depend upon a computer
like you can a trusty ledger and a pen to write with.
There has been a cafuffle with my laptop;
she deciding that she should stop working and leave me without any way of telling anyone
what is happening and in the meantime we have lost a great many emails from my lists.
If you have been a member and/or should like to added to my mailing list,
please do write to me HERE and you'll be reinstated and/or added immediately.
To thank you all for your kind help & emailing me~
All of this coming week, I'll be adding all of the names of those
who send their names & email addresses
into the old wall paper'd top hat.
In a week from today, I'll be drawing 3 names from the old hat
for a little thank you treasure.
I'll be sending one of my Deerfield Farmhouse doll patterns to
3 names that are drawn in one week from today.
Thank you all and I look forward to hearing from you.
I hope that this finds you enjoying a lovely
First Day of Spring.
Spring dollies are waiting and wanting to be shown!
I look forward to hearing from you~
thank you all so very much!
love, Christine
ps. This morning one of the little cottontails that live under the old lilac came out for a bit of sunshine and a nibble of sweet green grass.
Snow flakes have been falling off and on all this past week,
but now,warm sun is
shining through on this beautiful day.
I hope it's shining for all of you, too, wherever you may be.