Sunday, September 30, 2007

be ye watchful on the morrow

Fine Pigg has been trotting back and forth in a marshal air for the past few days...
quite proud of his important post here at Deerfield.
We thank him for his diligence and attentiveness to the important task at hand.
There are but a few hours left before we turn the old hat over
pick 5 names
from all of you have been so kind to have asked to be added into
the Old Top Hat.
Thank you!
I can't wait to announce the winners
October 1, 2007
5 pm
~pacific time~

Monday, September 24, 2007

fine pigg finds employment

Fine Pigg has come to play...
the girls, however, are not amused...
"He'll just knock us over, we might break!" whispers Charlotte from the back...her smile frozen....
Nellie looks away while the other girls all stand quietly waiting.
Miss Know- it -All, who thinks two heads are better than one, tells F. Pigg,
"Let's play house! "
You be the Dad and go to work...
she says most decidedly
with her hands on her hips.
oh..ok...I'll be the Dad,
says Pigg...
most grateful to be included
What kind of work is there to do around here anyway...
Poor Pigg... to keep the girls from throwing fits and causing general discord within our peaceful home I told Pigg that he had a most important job...
he could be our Guard Pigg.
He smiled his biggest Pigg smile
and grunted happily...
oh yes! I would Love to be the Guard Pigg.
So he trotted quickly along beside me to the
old tea table in front of the fireplace and
there he took his place of honor
on the tippy top
The Old Top Hat
which is filled to the brim
~safe & sound~
all of the names for the 20th Anniversarie Celebration.
Doesn't Pigg look proud of his new station?
You can be quite assured that nothing will come to harm under Guard Pigg's watchful eye.
There is just 1 week left to add your name into the Old Top Hat!
Our 20th Anniversaire Celebration Drawing is October 1st
Please email with your full name & email address
to be added into the Old Top Hat!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

wee hours princess

I have long been aware that my dollies
come alive at night.
I can hear them scurrying and rustling downstairs in the wee hours as they carry on their dolly lives. Visiting & playing tea party at the little doll table and reading their books together on the settee.
I knew that when the
arrived for my Katie's birthday
that Elisabeth was quite smitten with it.
although she didn't say one word...
her eyes sparkled~
you could see she could not wait for night to fall.
Early the next morning
as I crept down the chilly stairs
I could hear them oohing and ahhing...
and was not at all surprised to see
Elisabeth & her dolly....
the old story book in their laps
and Elisabeth playing Princess
in the early light of morning...
with the glittery crown upon her head.
I must speak to our dear friend about a bit of glittery
with a beautiful E
for our dear Elisabeth
and just maybe a tinier one
for her beloved dolly.

Monday, September 17, 2007

happy birthday, my katie bird

time moves much too fast for me
who would have it
sit still...just for a moment...
to soak it all in.
memories of my tiny girl,
my bright little baby bird
always laughing always smiling.
She has her own nest now
and her own little birds to
guide and teach how to fly
Bless you as you go my little katie bird...
and sit quiet and soak it all in.
for time moves much too fast for the heart that would have it
just sit still.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

my gardeners- better known as the Breakfast Club

oh my, see how the babies have grown...
now they can help prune the roses,
the apple trees,
and the raspberries
along with Mom & Dad, Uncle 4 point and Auntie Rosebud
and all the various relatives and cousins.
Good morning to my Breakfast Club

Tuesday, September 11, 2007