Sunday, March 23, 2008

a blessed easter

early spring garden in Colonial Williamsburg
Easter has come very early this year...
most times there are enough tiny blooms
to make my own bouquet for Easter brunch,
but this year,
just one tiny daffodil is bravely
blooming down in the orchard.
My treasures, the old black hens,
are fluffed and snug under the old budded lilac.
The promise of spring is evident,
just not yet here.
In my heart I visit a peaceful, green,
lovely and serene brick walk
in one of my most beloved places to visit.
From my home,
I'll share a fragrant and fresh bouquet of
white crabapple blossoms
from the old knarled crabapple tree
with you.
sending wishes to you all
for a beautiful
Easter with those you love all around you.
and hopefully -
a lovely chocolate bunny
who is most definitely hard of hearing.
with love to my friends,
on this blessed Easter day,
Deerfield Farm

Thursday, March 13, 2008

more love letters of home

I adore this early mirror. It belonged to a wonderful old friend
who spent her life collecting early things.
She lived her love of early.
Everything she did was connected to another time.
The first time I visited her, I was put to work washing lambs wool
in an old trough. She was busy making mead that day.
My chalk ware lamb is precious,
Netty made her for me a long time ago.
early morning light falling on my favorite
linen toile pillow.
I have had this lovely old brown linen toile
in my home since we first came to
Deerfield's all in pastoral farming scenes.
I do love it.
Notice the young man ....
in every vignette
he is lazing about while the ladye works hard
at harvesting the wheat, tending her lambs,
turkies & hens and milking the cow.
I can't help but laugh at the look she gives
I'm quite sure he's imagining the wonderful supper she's going to be
making for him .... just as soon as her
chores are all done, of course.
what was the old broom closet at the end of the hallway.
I took the door off
and fitted it with shelves
and painted it all a creamy white
to display some of my old white ironstone.