Sunday, May 30, 2010



Finegan Antiques said...

Beautiful painting. Is she an ancestor? If not do you know who she was? I am attracted to early portraits. It frustrates me somewhat that they can't talk and tell me about themselves and the time they lived in. Oh well, I guess that is where imagination comes in.


Christine Crocker said...

Dearest Donna,

Thank you! Isn't she just beautiful?
I'm afraid that I don't know who she is, but when I first saw her, she & I both knew that she should come home and live with us here on Deerfield Farm.
She resembles all the women in my mother's family and so she is very dear to me.
Can you imagine what she might have to say...
I'm so glad that you enjoyed seeing her.
Yes, we need to make a story about her...where shall we start?

Doreen said...

Good afternoon Christine. She is definitely beautiful and how sweet that the two of your knew instantly that you had a connection..aren't those always the best..although, how could she not want to come to Deerfield Farm!!!

I love seeing these old portraits as you do sit and wonder who they were and what their lives entailed.

I will be waiting patiently to hear the wonderful story for her :)

wishin you a joyous day, Doreen

Laura said...

there is something about her countenance that makes me think she is very content. What do you think? I would love to sit and take tea with her and have her share the secret of her hearte.

I think a story about her would be wonderful idea.


Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

I love this painting. There was a painting on Ebay of a woman with a similar hairstyle. Lovely!