Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the road to Tasha's

~the road to Tasha Tudor's home in the woods of Vermont~

it's been over a month now since our dear
Tasha Tudor went home. I still find myself feeling as though I have lost a dear friend.
What an extraordinary person she was, what a wonderful life she made. Living her dreams in every way following her heart.
If only we all were so brave.
I took this road with my dear friend, Gayle, one hot summer morning and found myself in another world, as though I had stepped back in time and was a part of it all. The woodsmoke in the air, no noise but for bird song and the slight rustle of leaves.
I was not ready for how loudly my heart sang that morning
may God bless you, dear Tasha.
you've made a beautiful and indelible mark on my life and the lives of all those who found you.
a warm light,
bright and shining in our hearts.
I hope that this finds that she is right where she wanted to be.
Gone back to her life in the 1830's,
enjoying her flowers by the kitchen doorway this beautiful morning, Canton tea cup in hand with corgi puppies at her feet.

Friday, July 4, 2008

let us then live in peace

a wonderfully wise man,
Thomas Jefferson
born in Shadwell, Virginia
on Apr. 13, 1743
and died at his beloved home, Monticello
in Charlottesville, Virginia
July 4, 1826,
the 50th anniversary
of the Declaration of Independence