Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Peace & Plenty -A Blessed Thanksgiving

how very blessed we are on this good earth.
in the beauty of it all, Her forgiveness when we are not good to it, the bounty of it when we are. the fields and flowers and the animals that grace our lives. Finding peace in the quiet of the first snow, woodsmoke rising from every chimney
in our little valley...
a flickering candle in every window
and the warmth of my family that smiles at me from around our table.

For dear friends near and far
and for those men & women in service to our country
away from their own families,
who watch over us and keep us safe.
for all this I am most grateful & thankful.
I wish for all of you the blessings of the most precious of all good things,
I wish you
love & peace.
with love on this day,
Deerfield Farm


paige said...

what a lovely post & i love the picture too!!!
such serenity--

Storybook Woods said...

A blessed Thanksgiving wish to you and your family. Clarice

Wendy said...

Dear Christine

This is such a beautiful photo I can see why you Love to come home, I too could never leave. I sent you an email about my doll so excited that you can make her for me.

Talk soon

Always Wendy :)

Cathy Louise said...

My dear, dear friend...Wow that snow is so beautiful and tranquil...Thinking of you on this special day... Happy Thanksgiving. May joy, love and happiness touch your heart today and always...

CARole said...

Dear Christe',
We were certainly living in two different worlds on Thanksgiving Day. Our temp went up to 72, here in Wilmington, DE. Very warm, but beautiful. Your photo is lovely. I'm off to Philadelphia today, with Carole and our hubbies. I hope I get some nice pictures for my blog. Happy day.

Ottilias Veranda said...

Very beautiful photo! Looks like home here in Sweden. We don´t celebrate thanksgiving but I´m grateful for the opportunity this wonderful Internet gives me to visit beautiful places around the world!

Gayle said...

Christe'--Your writing is a pleasure to read--so gentle and yet so strong....Gayle

Kirstie Jane said...

Hi christe
I love the way you write!!! I wished we celebrated thanks giving over in australia because then i would be able to also enjoy those sweet pleasures you speek of.

tongue in cheek said...

You have a way that lends itself to beauty.