Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mr Jefferson comes calling~a little story

You see, while we were lately traveling in Virginia, I happened upon a handsome country gentleman, sitting high on a shelf in the milliner's shop.
He immediately impressed upon me that he was perfect to take home to the Deerfield ladyes.
~They being weary
of too much female company.~
I invited Mr. Jefferson-his given name-for a cup of hot cider-at a nearby tavern tea room where we might discuss the possibility that he seriously consider a visit to our farm in Oregon.
He being a gentleman farmer himself was quite intrigued with the idea of seeing the workings of a farm on the western frontier.
I discreetly mentioned that there were also several unattached ladyes there that he might like to meet and he quickly agreed.

Well, I'm quite sure that you can imagine all the high pitched interest that arose at seeing the large brown paper & string wrapped parcel when I brought out the trinkets & treasures I had gathered to bring home to the "girls".

The tiny fans and wee drawstring bags were quickly thrown aside and forgotten as they all ran and stopped at screeching halt to see this handsome gentleman farmer from Virginia emerge from his brown paper wrappings.

For he, indeed, is quite handsome. Stately & broad shouldered, his carved wooden face had been carefully chiseled to show his strong chin and noble brow. His flax hair is primped and curled and tied back with a black silk ribbon, he is indeed the epitome of manliness.

Well, to make a long story much shorter, in their eagerness to meet him, there was a bit of a scuffle and I'm ashamed to say that a little hair pulling and the tearing of his clothes occurred.

The saddest part of this story is that he is now a little traumatized and without any clothes -being wrapped in a bit of old linen - until I can mend his frock coat & cravat...as for any other clothing such as his pocket and trousers...I have yet to locate them.

He has only one shoe...(I'm told that one of the ladyes may have hidden it as a remembrance)

He is now safely hidden from their view until he recovers from his first meeting.

The ladyes are now quite red-faced and appalled at their apparent lack of propriety and usual quiet natures and now have gone back to their stitching and quiet reading.

to be continued~~~~~


Miss Maddie's said...

It reminds me of a scene from Sense and Sensibility where they have gone to the dance and the youngest pair of daughters are all giddy and unrestrained. The two elder sisters are trying to be far more coy...
Needless to say I'm sure the new Gentleman in the house will see they ment him no harm.He would do well to befriend them and take his proper place in the household.
What a delightful story.I knew you would be busy with your dollies but still wonder how you are. xo Susan

Cathy Louise said...

You are amazing my friend, you write so beautifully... Can't wait to read the next installment... Love ya cathy xxxx

BECKY said...

I am intrigued as well. Do tell us more.
Sounds like your trip East was fortuitous. What a treasure you found for the girls.


CARole said...

As usual I loved your writings. I cannot wait to hear more, so please, don't keep us waiting to long. I am gone for the day, but I will email you soon. Been thinking of you.
Happy day.

Wendy said...

Dear Christine

You have magical stories I love them, please don't leave us to long to find out what happens next.

This gentleman has such a way with those ladies and I detect he has some stories to tell himself?

What a charmer he could turn out to be.

Can't Wait!

Always Wendy :)

Katie said...

Oh good lordy mom! That had me laughing something awful...your "ladyes" are always up to something, aren't they?! I love the way you write, it leaves me wanting to hear more!

carole said...

Oh, my goodness, Christine. Just like the old radio serial shows...a real life cliff hanger : )
I wonder what is next : )
Thank you for weaving this tale for us.
carole from california

Dixie Redmond said...

Well, now, you can't leave us hanging. What are the red-faced ladies doing now? And what about the poor gentleman?

Doreen said...

What a wonderful story.

Mr. Jefferson looks to be a very dapper gentelman indeed.

Looking forward to hearing more of his adventure.