Sunday, November 11, 2007

the farm girl becomes a school girl

we're home again, home again, and while we had the most wonderful time away for the past 2 weeks, it's so nice to be home.
To see our mountains covered with snow, to have coffee with Mr. Jefferson and visit with "the treasures"
and sleep in my own bed again.
While were away celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary
I did a little something just for me...
I attended the
"Remember Me When This You See " ~Embroideries and Painted Arts of the New Republic~
Symposium in Colonial Williamsburg.
It truly was a most wonderful experience.
I felt like an enthusiastic and eager school girl, drinking in every delectable bit of the lectures in story telling, pictures and seeing first hand the early school girl arts, mourning art, early clothing and textiles-most wonderful were lectures given by Linda Baumgarten, Curator of Textiles and Costumes at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Amy Finkel of M. Finkel & Daughter Samplers and Silk Embroideries.
On the last day I was one of 15 other women that were able to go on a tour with Linda Baumgarten into the conservation buildings where all the treasures are stored. Behind locked doors and temperature controlled rooms, wearing white cotton gloves Linda pulled out huge flat drawers, one after another filled with everything imaginable that could have been embroidered and hand sewn of wool, linen, cottons and silks. 1700's French ball gowns, hand embroidered silk stockings, mitts, shoes, caps..some with the silken threads still bright as if new, 2 drawers full of embroidered and stitched men & ladye's pockets-
be still my heart-
there were embroidered silk mourning pictures,theorems, paintings, hand painted wallpapers...
what we were able to see is still overwhelming to me
and my visit much too short.
After all this,
I will never be the same again,
inside or out.
So now this farm girl will continue her efforts as a school girl herself.
I've begun to draw up a large sampler to stitch of silken threads on linen.
a large farmhouse in the center surrounded by trees and fields and
gardens filled with flowers
& every bird and animal on our farm.
and most certainly a winding flower'd & fruited border surrounding it all
and in the very center
all the names of those I hold dearest stitched between.
happy to be home,


Storybook Woods said...

Oh my how utterly exciting. I would be pinching myself, over and over. Your mind must be crammed with ideas and inspirations. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. Our 20th is coming up in June. Clarice
PS welcome home

Miss Maddie's said...

Welcome home dear kindred spirit.
As you studied these treasured textiles could hear the faint whispers and giggles of the sweet young lasses whose tiny fingers guided the threads through the fabric as they worked.And as you stitch on your sampler do you think it will draw you back to those times long past?And when darling Emma begins to teach her daughter fine needlework she can show her great-gramma's beautiful piece honored for generations to come.

Stacey said...

Oh Christe`! What a wonderful and grand adventure. Williamsburg is dear to my heart also. What a great chance to see beyond what most people see there. My heart would be changed also.Isn't it great when a person or place can hold your heart and change it forever. Welcome Home!

Ulla said...

So wonderful to have you home! Sounds like a perfect vacation! I can barely wait to see what it will inspire. I love the idea of a personal needlework piece, and knowing you it will be sublime!!! Hugs!

Cathy Louise said...

Oh dear Christe to be able to write as beautifully as you do.... What a wonderful experience you had and you so deserve it... Much Love Cathy
PS Its so lovely to have you home....

Dixie Redmond said...

Oh, isn't learning fun? It's one of the best things in life!

Wendy said...

Hi Christine

I just Love reading everything you write you so inspire me inside.

Welcome Home so glad to have you back.

Always Wendy :)

Wendy said...

Dear Christine

I love reading everything you write you so inspire me inside.

Welcome Home so glad to have you back.

Always Wendy :)