Friday, August 17, 2007

passing on memories

The old trees have a few deep yellow leaves, the wild roses by the front gate are covered with beautiful crimson red rose hips...and I'm feeling like another time has passed by me...
yesterday as I carefully washed and dried each piece of my very first set of antique dishes to give to my son & his wife, I felt an unfamiliar twinge of being the one who is passing on a legacy....and odd feeling when you consider yourself still a young woman,
not the Mother and grandmother
that I really am.

These old dishes were given to me by Bryan & Katie's grandmother when I first became a part of their family, many years ago now. I know they had no money for such things and yet they found these and bought them to give to me for my first Christmas with them. A set of indigo blue Staffordshire dishes called Calico. Such a loving and giving family, I never knew such generosity and love in my life than I found in this family..... I'm passing them on to my Bryan and his Nita for their home.
These lovely old bits of deep blue graced our table for many meals together, from Lucky Charms and Cheerios to bouillabaisse and tea parties. For wedding showers and baby showers, for birthdays, for Christmases long past....for potluck suppers and Thanksgivings. I know that my children hold them dear in their memories, maybe even as much as I do.
They know the significance of them and all the feelings that go along with them.
I know that these old cups and plates and bowls will grace their table for many years to come and for their little ones birthdays and Christmas dinners, for Cheerios and pancakes....and
they will know the story about their great- grandma who found these and gave them with all the love her heart could hold...


Katie said...

I'll always remember those dishes. Grandma had such a giving heart & I know she wanted you to have all the pretty things she never had. She is still like that, isn't she. I'm really happy that Bryan and Nita are using those dishes!

BECKY said...

Ok, I'm afraid I must tell you I am a bit star struck. Thank you so for your comment to my blog. And I have to admit I am addicted to your blog, your sweet stories are what I look forward to. This one is especialy sweet, as my mother in law has told me she would like me to have her dishes from her table family too, how heart warming.
Thanks for sharing your special memory.

carole said...

Hi Christine:
What a wondrous legacy to pass on to your son and his wife!!!
Simply heart warming.Thank you for sharing

CARole said...

This is a lovely thing to do, Christe'. A beautiful family tradition has begun.

Miss Maddie's said...

Dear Christe', Did this come about before or after the pondering of your birthday?Either way they will be treasured in their new home as you did in yours.Generosity comes from the heart not the pocketbook. Susan

Carol said...

It's wonderful to give away things with history isn't it! My mum owns the Calico dishes too, they are beautiful! Warmest wishes Carol

SweetAnnee said...

LOL, we both post dishes..however your's are best with all the memories that go with them!
lovely, Deena

A bird in the hand said...

Oh, my dear, it's good to pass things on while YOU are still young because you can enjoy the young ones using this precious china.

Sylvia Anderson said...

What a lovely gift for your son and his beautiful wife! I'm sure they will treasure them for many years to come...and what wonderful memories thay will make together enjoying their family meals on them. :)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a wonderful legacy to pass on to your new daughter! These are the important things in life, to love those around us, to pass that love onto the next generations.

I love the dishes, they were the first ones I purchased with my own money when I started working.