Sunday, August 26, 2007

Anniversarie Celebration!

my dear friends,
oh, where does the time go?
It doesn't seem that so many years have passed since I first came to Deerfield Farm as a new bride. Where we made a home for our family & where the very first Deerfield dolly was made for our first Christmas tree angel.
I have been so very blessed...and now I must
thank all of you,
my wonderful friends, old and new...
who have met me with such joy, such wonderful support and love and enthusiasm for my little dollies & me over these past 20 years.
and so
In Honor of celebrating these 20 years of my dolly making that has been done here under the old Deerfield Farm sign above my door
I am offering a most Wondrous Doll as Grand Prize in a drawing that I will be conducting.
I will be accepting entries from today until
September 30,2007.
On October 1st, 2007, we will draw 5 different names,
4 of which will be awarded
lovely prizes of Wonderful Goodes
made by myself just for this Anniversaire Celebration.
The Grand Prize winner will be given
a most Wondrous Doll
that I have made just for this most Special Occasion.
Please EMAIL me with your full name and email address if you would like to be a part of this most Special Anniversarie Celebration. Your entry will be put into the old top hat.
My little grand children will be drawing out the names and the winners will be announced on October 1st.
I hope that all of you will enter, especially those of you who have given homes to my dollies over the years.
I'm so happy and pleased to be doing this as a small of offering
of my sincere thanks and humble gratitude to all of you.
with love,
Deerfield Farmhouse


BECKY said...

Happy Anniversary! How wonderful for you. And what a great way to celebrate.
Smiles and congradulations!
Becky ~On A Wing And A Prayer~

Kimberly said...


What a delight!!! What excitement!!! Congratulations on your special anniversary. What a dream to create and share such treasures. To work side by side with your daughter, what a glorious life. With all my heart thank you for sharing such joy when I see your beautiful dollies. Much love and lots of hugs, Kimberly

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! You are so lucky to be doing what you love : )

Miss Maddie's said...

Sound the trumpets, let the banners fly the Celebration has begun!
Dear Christe' what a delightful way to thank all of us who have lusted after your creations.May we have a little peek at these goodies that we so desire.The suspense is killing me. Sincerely Susan
Happy Anniversary my dear friend!!

Cathy Louise said...

To my dear amazing friend.... 20 years of amazing work.... We are all blessed to see and have your beautiful creations amongst us.... Hopefully 20 more years to come.... Love ya

caroline said...

Dear Christine:

Warmest congratulations and best wishes on your 20th
Anniversarie! I do admire you so very much you are my
hero and my roll model! You dear little dolls are the
sweetest dearest little beings I have ever seen! Thank
you so much for bringing me so much happiness from
them and you kind gentle blog I enjoy them so much
every day!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be added to
your Most Special Anniversarie Celebration list - I
would so dearly love to have your most special
wondrous dollie - how special is she being made by her
mother just for the celebration! Congratulations again
and best wishes for another 20 Plus years of delicious
dollies! :)

Warmest Regards,


caroline said...
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Mrs. Staggs said...

I was thinking that it is I who should be thanking you, for so many years of inspiration.
So I will! Thank you so very much, for inspiring me, both with your artwork and with a life that is lived in the truest sense of the word.

SweetAnnee said...

Let the Merry Making begin. What a delightful
way to celebrate. Methinks it will magnificent!

Stacey said...

Such a wonderful surprise. You will have so many of us dreaming as we did when we were wee ones on Christmas Eve. Would love to be a little mouse watching as the names are drawn surrounded by all that you hold dear. It is your heart to share such a special time and Anniversary with everyone. thank you!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Happy Anniversary! I am fairly new to your blog, but after reading Mrs. Stagg's comment, I have great admiration for you.

I love visiting your site, and looking at your lovely dolls you create, they are something very special, created with all your heart, each and every time. Thank you for inspiring all of us!

Storybook Woods said...

Happy Anniversary. How wonderful to think of 20 years of dollmakings. All those amazing dolls out there, in loving homes created by you. I do not have the talent to make dolls but one of my best friends do and she puts her heart into her dolls and I know you do. Enjoy our anniversary celebration. Blessings Clarice

carole said...

Hi Christine:
Wow, what a nice milesone marker with your dolls.
Please add me to your list for the drawing : ) It is exciting to think I could win a doll : ) It is more than exciting; kind of like a fantasy : )
Take care

Christine said...

thank you dear hearts,

isn't this fun?!

I promise that there are many more dollies left in these hands...after all, I understand that 50 is the new 30....
and there are many more dollies I want to play with and many new friends to meet.

Ana said...

50 the new 30! Fantastic I thought that it was only the new 40, Phew!! I have just lost 20 yrs, YAY I can do so much more!! 20 years together how wonderful heres to the next 20 and by then you will only be..............!!!

Carol said...

Whar a wonderful way to celebrate your 20th anniversary Christine!
I wish you a very happy one!!! Warmest wishes from Germany sends Carola xox

BECKY said...

Oh GREAT! does that mean 40 is the new 20, Oh boy!
Well, this is fun.
I'm looking forward to so much of your work to admire, and now your great blog.

CARole said...

Happy 20th Anniversary and many more. You truely bring joy to this world and make it a better place. What a wonderful thing to do by offering one of your lovely dollies. Whoever wins, is surely a lucky girl! I know she will be a gorgeous treasure!

oldflowers4me said...

oh my- what fun- i have just fallen of my chair and my heart beats so fast- happy anniversary dear 1-let the magic happen- singing and tap dancing love jo anderson.

Nancy said...

How generous of you - a gift on your anniversary! Thank you and

Susan Walker said...

Christine...Congratulations on 20 wonderful years of dollmaking! And 20 years of spreading love and joy to all the lucky ones that have been given the opportunity to care for one of your dollies! This is so exciting that you would give one of US a gift on YOUR anniversary! Wishing you continued blessings...Susan

Doreen said...

Christine, CONGRATULATIONS! Happy Anniversary.


Christine said...

- Happy feast of creation, yours is a feast for the eyes and heart!

A bird in the hand said...

Happy anniversary! You give so much joy with your sweet sweet creations, even to those of us who can only look -- for now!

Colette xox

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary! I have always loved your work, it's just gorgeous and a real asset to the art community. May you have many, many more years of creating treasures!

Cathy :)