Monday, August 6, 2007

finding peace and quiet

in the early morning quiet of my kitchen I have my coffee and enjoy the peacefulness of my little farmhouse.
it's a lovely cool early morning here. the light is amber and the shadows are long. I've been out walking in the orchard in my nightgown, the hem drenched with dew.... and listening to everything waking up. I can feel fall coming in the soles of my bare feet- The doe and twins are down in the trees, ears perked and watching me, blackberries hanging from the branches of the red bud tree, the vines have twined up into it as a make-do's beautiful. the workers are down in the garlic fields, picking and trimming in the cool of the early morning...their straw hats bent...
my little rooster,Winslow, is letting us know the sun is nearly up...
this is where I can breath and find my peaceful self. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
So, in the meantime, I want to assure you,
my Dear Friends,
my quietness does not mean idleness, oh no!
My days are spent working & planning
and getting ready for my
Celebration Event
for all of you to enjoy & be a part of.
I'll be announcing the date very soon!
Please email me if you would like to be added to my mailing list for this
Wonderful Celebration Event!
I hope you all are enjoying these quiet & peaceful late summer days.


Miss Maddie's said...

Dear Christe', I can just picture you meandering through that orchard, the smell of the sweet earth beneath your feet. We all anxiously anticipate the arrival of your celebration. I'm just glad to hear that all is well!

CARole said...

Christe', you writings are always so beautiful. it's like reading a beautiful book.
Sending a hug,

oldflowers4me said...

good morning -darling girl- your world sounds divine...singing and skipping -love jo anderson. p.s dont forget to put your lipstick on.

Katie said...

You just take my breath away with your fantastic writing mom. What a beautiful place to center yourself before the day begins - sounds like you are being "serenely productive" (is that possible?!)
love ya!

Donna O'Brien said...

Hi Christine- your writing is always so visual. A treat to read. And I'm still peeking everyday :)

BECKY said...

Hello Christine, I have admired your work for many years and I've been visiting your blog for a few months. Now your lovely writing has forced me to finaly send your a note,as I've been a bit shy in the past. And this something wonderful that is about to happen has me at the edge of my seat.
Please add me to your mailing list.
Thank you so,
~On A WIng And A Prayer~

Christine LeFever said...


You are a poetess. In today's world some would prefer the gender differntiation not be noted, but that just doesn't work with you for you are so sweetly in step with your other centuries; of course the wonderful 18th and 19th!


Colleen said...

ok young lady (foot tapping here)...we will continue to wait patiently for the wonderful news that we know is coming...can't wait!!

Doreen said...

Good Morning Christe'. So glad you are finding some quiet time. I am here on a mission....because you are truly such a sweet person I am tagging you with the "NICE MATTERS" Award. I know you are so very busy, but when you have a moment, please visit my blog to retrieve your banner and then tag 5 to 7 of your nicest friends.

Take care and God Bless

Stacey said...

Dear Christe'
As always your writing paints a wonderful picture that living simply does. Katie's term, "serenely productive" really does nail it.She put it well into words how I attempt my days here at the cottage. Home up North is another challange.. tis just "The Busy House" and the Serenity Prayer comes into play... perhaps it is better defined as, The Sanity Prayer! Smiles. Enjoy the end of summer.. Fall is on it's way, the trees are telling me here also. I'm enjoying watching the twinnies grow thru your eyes! Thank you for sharing life's best blessings with all of us.

Tracy said...

My Dear Friend,
I haven't been to your beautiful blog in a while and oh what I have missed! Your words calm my soul.
Please tell me about your cups in the cupboard!
love ya

Tracy said...

Oh Christe', what I have missed! Your entries are all so lovely...your gift of putting thoughts together is amazing.
Love you!