Tuesday, May 1, 2007

precious & sweet may baskets

Wishing you all a Happy first day of May !
As many of you know, I have an affinity for wonderful small things that have to do with old dollies & babies...little shoes, little dresses, little cups & bowls, wee bonnets and books and most charming of all
these little children's baskets. These are from the early 1800's and have just come to live with me here. I discovered my very first of these little baskets nearly 15 years ago in a dusty cupboard of a Pennsylvanian estate sale. My heart just jumped!
Now, all of the Deerfield dollies are clamoring for a turn at holding them. The smallest here is but 3" tall, just right for my New England dolly, Elisabeth, that came to live with us 2 summers past.
I can only imagine the happy hours that these little baskets have spent under the lilac hedge with their little girl owners, pretending to be grown up ladies, playing with their dollies & having tea.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine- What a sweet collection! Happy 1st of May to you my dear! Amber

Gypsy Purple said...

How precious.....how I enjoy your posts

Christine said...

A belated, Happy May Day to you too, Christe`! Your collection of little baskets is adorable.

Now whenever I see one here there hither or yon, and mostly yon, I will think of you.
Christine LeFever

SweetAnnee said...

What a lovely collection, dollies will love them.

Katie said...

Ma, I love your little baskets - having held them in my hot little hands, I know how sweet they really are & so little! Your dollies have some wonderful accessories...hehe.

CARole said...

OH MY! These little baskets are just too sweet! Elizabeth is such a beautiful doll, she will look so lovely holding her little basket. With the exception of the first basket you bought, did you acquire the rest of the collection all at one time? You are a lucky girl.

Christine said...

good morning everyone,
thank you for your lovely comments. they are a sweet collection & very dear to me.
I had found just the one early on and several other little baskets in between. But none so dear & sweet as these 5 little pretties.
Yes, I found all 5 at once! That will never happen again!

Carole, the dolly you are speaking of is my Grand Dame Queen Anne, Anne Comfort. Thank you for the wonderful compliment about her. I love her so...

Spring has arrived this morning!
I'm off to work outside in the gardens.
I hope you all have a wonderful day in your beautiful countryside.


Wendy said...

Hi Christine,
Your baskets are lovely!
I adore your dollies too, such craftsmanship.

Lana said...

Dear Christe` ~ The baskets are so sweet and a treasured find, I'm sure. Thank you for the visit to my blog and the kind comments. I'm glad you are still enjoying the silk ribbon pillow. Have fun in the gardens!
Take Care & God Bless,

tongue in cheek said...

What a charming collection of baskets you do have!!