Thursday, May 17, 2007

early may morning

All nature smiles,
the fields look gay,
The meadowlark carols
on the spray,
a thousand songsters join the throng
and echo answers to the song.


SweetAnnee said...

How lovely..looks like Heaven to me, thank you for sharing

Katie said...

Oh HOME! What a beautiful picture of it - must be from the canal bank - the poem you have reminds me of Ethan yelling into the poplars and hearing his echo the other day. What a beautiful post mom :)

Rachael said...

'How sweet to hail the infant day~
Attir'd in vary'd blue and gold~
As the rapt lark begins his lay~
To tend the kine, and pen the fold!' ...from 'Rural Life' you have that one??
Oh Christe'~ how wonderful all the freshly tended fields must smell~ is all that going to be GARLIC?????
xoxxoxo Rachael

Gypsy Purple said...

Oh wow....beautiful!!!!!!!

Christine said...

A picture-perfect setting, Christe`, worthy of Currier & Ives.


lauren said...

I'm sorry, but nothing would get me to leave THIS place!! Why bother with vacations to California? Ah, the Northwest, I do miss it so.

Beautiful Christe'!


Christine said...

dear ones,

thank you so much for your lovely words about our home.
Deerfield Farm, it is the dearest place on earth to those that live there.

(what you don't see is me in my big straw hat & rubber boots looking for pesky thistles to hoe out!)