Friday, April 20, 2007

my treasures come calling

my little hens, the treasures, came calling this morning, dressed in their finest blacke silkes. it's early and I'm waiting there on the porch in the pale light with my coffee, sitting on the front steps, listening while my world wakes up... my treasures arrive, bright eyed and wanting their visit with me and a soft pat on their feathers...I thank them for their lovely eggs... we have a bit of small talk, would you like some of my toast? how was your night, did you sleep well? What will you do today? Soon the visit is over -they're eager to get hurrying along. They hop down the steps out onto the grass, like children off to play. They'll spend their day roaming the farm, looking for bugs, inspecting & scratching up my newly planted garden beds..and doing whatever will entertain a hen... If I might be just a little late coming out, one of them will peck at the glass on the french door. Good morning! Are you coming out? We have our little rituals every morning. They've come to expect to see me waiting for them there. So this is how this farm girl begins her day. Not so glamorous perhaps, but the dearest place in world to me.


Cathy Louise said...

Oh I love hearing that, it reminds me of being home on the farm... At the moment we have a barn owl living in our very messy shed... I don't know why he would want to make it his home as it isn't very inviting but I love having him there... I go and see each morning if he is still there and say goodmorning Hoot.... He is so sweet... Thanks for sharing my dear friend.. Your life is simple and beautiful and that is how I think it should be.. Small details is what makes life so very special....

Dixie Redmond said...

Beautiful post, Christe' - and Oooh, I love the sight of green beyond. I also like the color change on your blog. I'm not sure how you did that? Because I have the standard issue green on mine. :-)


Doreen said...

Christine....oh, what a wonderful thing to wake up to in the morning. I long to have a lovely group of ladies such as yours.

Take care

Michelle said...

What a lovely Morning! Thank you so much for sharing! It has always been my dream to be a farm girl with little lovelies running around.
I am especially intrigued about this post because yesterday I discovered that the Childhood Book my Great Aunt read to me was not long forgotten and gone, but in my Mothers Posession. She brought it over to me and I was so happy that I began to cry. For you see there are 8 different stories, but one of my all time favorites in the book is Chicken Little and The Sky is Falling.
I have such wonderful memories of my Aunt reading that to me while we slept over at her house that was set up just for us. She had the play kitchen and the play store and we had our own slide. At night she would prepare Warm Milk with Butter and Sugar and we each had our own special cup to drink it from.
Thanks for sparking those lovely memories by sharing photos of your lovely Hens.

Gypsy Purple said...

How precious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Christine- That is the cutest thing I have ever heard... I want some feathered friends too! :) :)

oldflowers4me said...

hello, darling girl, oh my your world is so divine , i love that you talk to your hens, i have a feeling you make talk and sing to your dolls as well, mmm so do i , who wants to grow up not me, love jo. p.s dont for get to put your lipstick on.

Christine said...


I remember when you first began to incorporate chickens into your world; how some of them didn't make it due to predators. You have done marvels, and just like Tasha Tudor, you are there, Girl! Your farm setting is the most peaceful place I've ever visited and it is beauty itself due to your endeavors. Please, always continue to share your sweet aerie with those of us in the cities!

Tracy said...

ahhhh, what a wonderful good morning you have. someday, my sweet friend, I too will have some lovelies to hop onto my porch in the morning. love you and your writings!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I think this enter routine sounds positively idyllic!

Sadie Olive said...

How lovely! I can imagine sitting on your porch and greeting your hens. What a neat way to start each day! I will daydream today about living on a farm such as yours, it sounds amazing.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I just adore Cathy and her charms (and lovely home). I'm glad you found me, so I could discover your site as well. :) Happy day to you too!