Monday, April 9, 2007

early spring morning

this morning- the day after Easter morning - arrived in Oregon in her usual fashion, 10 minutes of glorious warm sun, followed by a good rain and maybe a little snow thrown in for good measure...a rainbow, the size of which hasn't been seen in years, and now wind & rain and snow falling in our hills. We had a really lovely Easter, warm and soft weather, flowers beginning to bloom and my family, with smiling faces, all around our table. I hope that yours, too, was a lovely day.


Katie said...

How beautiful mom! We had some weird snow this morning,too, and rain,and now it is windy...but no beautiful rainbows like that! That is huge! Did you drive to the end of it to see what's there? Maybe I can get a "per-cen-tudge"...iffin' ya find anything. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Oh Christine- what a beautiful rainbow you have captured and froze in time. Your "blog" is so lovely. Thanks for sharing your inspirations. I LOVE reading Katie's see how you and her are so connected is so wonderful and refreshing! Amber

Cathy Louise said...

Wow dear friend, what a glorious photo... It is a crisp Autumn morning here but still unfortunately no rain in site... It is a clear blue sky and I would say another warm day. Enjoy those gorgeous Spring blossoms for me...

Michelle said...

What an absolute magnificent Miracle of Nature! The rainbow is beautiful!!! I bet there is a big old Pot of dollies at the end of it!!

Thanks for sharing your morning. We are going to get some white fluffies this evening as well. I hope that it melts quick!


Doreen said...

Hello Christine. I see that you had something about Martha Ballard on your site. My maiden name is Ballard :)

Take care

Christine said...

Dear Katie,Amber,cathy michelle & Doreen,
Thak you for all your wonderful compliments!
Doreen, Martha Ballard is on Katie's website...I just love reading about her. Have you read The Midwife's Tale? It's just wonderful and there's also a PBS video of it which I love to watch.
Have you done any research into your family? Wouldn't that be fun to find out if you & she were of the same Ballard family?
She was in Maine which is very close to you.
Have a beautiful day, we have snow sugaring our daffodils.

Gypsy Purple said...

Great picture
Glad you had a great Easter....mine was so blessed as well

paige knudsen said...

what a treat to find you have a blog! i have been a fan of your creations for some time now.....beatiful dolls!!
welcome to blogland!