Wednesday, March 20, 2013

riding the wind with love and popsickle smiles~

the March winds whip, blow and howl. It teases, tickles and torments, like cousins will do to one another. 
wild winds carry away the dry leaves, dust and last remnants of grey days,
soft rain washes the winter weary faces of the counryside
and in it's place~
 fresh green pastures filled with wildflowers and grasses and ocean blue skies~
days like today leave us with the promise that soft warm days are peeking
around the corner just waiting to be lolled and luxuriated  in...
with popsicle smiles and bare feet.

these are the happy little sunshine faces
that I love... so much that it truly hurts...

and then...there is this little man...
oh me, oh my, how much can one Grandma's heart take...

well, I'll take all of it,

Happy First Day of Spring!


Lady Linda said...

What a charming photo dear friend. You are so blessed with the gift of beautiful grandchildren.
Missing you,

Gayle said...

a beautiful photo you are a lucky woman, my dear

Christine Crocker said...

Thank you so much, Linda~
we feel very blessed~and are so thankful for these little faces in our lives.
I know that your family will soon be blessed as well, I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers~


Christine Crocker said...

Thank you dear Gayle,

the photo is thanks to my daughter in law, Nita, who is a wonderful photographer and little kid wrangler.
I treasure these little people so much and I thank you dear Gayle, for your kind words.
I know you have such a handsome and wonderful grandson,too.

sending love, Christe'

Stacey said...

Simple Joys indeed! There is no greater love <3

Penelope's Beehive said...

Such joyful, dear hearts!
Wishing you much happiness and oodles of sticky, Popsicle kisses!

Barbara said...

Oh Christine, what beautiful children! You must be such a proud grandma. I know they can just steel your heart away.Sending my love.