Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

the old church at Simnashio
 I hope you all had the loveliest of Easter Sundays~
 I hope that you have had a day of Rejoicing and
filled with love and family,
 a chocolate bunny or egg or two,
 and a moment to reflect in the beauty of this day~
it has been the loveliest Easter Sunday.
a spring like day, warm soft air, birds singing,
a chorus of frogs down in the creek, daffodils
waving in the warm breeze.
The lawn has sparkles of brightly colored egg shell remnants left from
the Bunny McEggers Grand and Great
Easter Egg & Scavenger Hunt...
another great success!
Thanks so much Uncle Bryan!!
Great Grandma & Grandpa were here today
holding great grand babies and visiting
~lots of wonderful food and laughter~
I think my house was rattling with all the laughing and
everyone talking at once...
my very favorite thing is to sit back and watch them enjoying each other and themselves.  
To let fleeting times like these just flow over me and soak into my soul.
Looking around our table at all the people I love together, talking and laughing.
Eating wonderful food that we all made together, the little ones frosted the cookies and hung them
on the Easter cookie tree, a little frosting on the corner of each little mouth, using their best
table manners, using the good silver, drinking from old pressed glass glasses, napkins carefully placed just so...please and thank Mother exclaiming at their  table manners...
just a lovely day together, nothing amiss, sharing food and love for each other.
The big & best things in life are indeed the little things.
Our days are made up of precious little things that make the big things...
wonderful Easter egg and spring flowered colors..
wishing you all a wonderful week ahead,
love to you,


Cathy Penton said...

Well my friend it has been far too long but it was so lovely to read your post about your gorgeous family all together at easter...Love from Australia xo

Lady Linda said...

Dearest Christine, what a most wonderful post. I have tears in my eyes and it just seems like I was transported somewhere very special. I can feel the love and energy. Happy Easter, Happy Spring.
My love to you and your family always,