Wednesday, November 3, 2010


arbor & fence around our garden
"The leaves fall, the wind blows,
and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons
into its winter wools."
Henry Beston
~Northern Farm~
Pumpkin Moonshine, my pretty "garden helper" kitty
Our early morning found mist coming up from the hollows and fog hanging low, wood smoke from our chimney ~ just the nicest of those dark kind of days.
One old cottonwood still holds her deep green leaves
and below her, the crab apple branches still have yellow leaves and crimson red apples hanging on~ quite pretty still.
Then as the day unfolded, a beautiful clear blue autumn sky
with yellow, red and orange leaves quietly falling like snowflakes.
Now the sun is low in the western sky, bathing everything in a deep golden light.
A fire is built in the big fireplace and candles are lit throughout the house.
Soon it'll be time to dip candles down in the orchard with my daughter and grand daughter
and help with our family cider pressing.
Autumn speaks to my soul of home and family, of contentment
as the fields are put to bed to rest
and we rest while sitting at the edge of it.
What brings you joy this time of year, my friend?


Laura said...

Oh, Christine, I love that little pumpkin moonshine kitty -- the perfect name for him ~~ and your garden with its sweet little fence just beckons me in. How I would love to be part of the candlemaking, but my guess is it's even more about family and time together. I need to get me one o' them big kettle pots one of these days and start me a candlemakin'. I'll have to see what my Bob thinks about that! This season found our family getting together last weekend in the Upper Peninsula Michigan (known as the UP by us midwesterners)at my brother's cabin. Walks in the crisp cool woods with the smell of the firestove and sites of wild turkey and deer brought me home again to the place my Dad called home. So special to share that with the ones I love.

p.s. let's see pics of the candle makin ladies!

Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

What brings me joy this time of year?
--the smell of woodsmoke wafting through the crisp air
--the crunch of leaves beneath my feet
--the cozy warmth of knitted gloves
--the snugness of being enveloped in a duvet on a cold morning
--the tartness of freshly-pressed cider
Blessing to you this autumn!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh I love your garden and arbor, charming. I love all the same things as you xoxo Clarice

Sea Angels said...

Listening to the rain on the skylight the smell of baking,a pile of wool blankets,the embrace of Winter and the deepening of shadows at the end of the day.
How I should like to come dipping candles with you all, I am there in soul, I truly am.
Hugs Lynn xxxx

Barbara said...

You sure have a beautiful way of describing what we all feel about the fall season. I envy your life on the farm and the things you do, although I know it is often very hard work.
Pumpkin Moonshine is SO adorable. I would love to be holding her close and listening to her purr.

Heather said...

What a gorgeous autumn you're having there at the farm! And what a lovely miss that Pumpkin Moonshine has grown up to be! Too sweet....I so badly want a calico kitty!~
Have a marvelous time making candles! What a fun family project. Happy autumn to you and your lovely Deerfield Ladies!~

Penelope's Beehive said...

A lovely post Christine...your home and surroundings are an absolute delight to the senses. "Visiting" your corner of the world is always most pleasant.
Wishing you and yours the special blessings of Autumn, with kitty hugs to Mistress Pumpkin Moonshine.


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Just look at that sweet face on your kittie.
I bet she talks to you when you're sewing those dollie frocks.
Susan x

Lena said...

This autumn season I have so enjoyed reading the story you have written for the winter issue of the "Simple Life" magazine. It left me with a peaceful feeling, as your writing often does. Thank you.

I've always loved the coziness of autumn days. Candles, and rain, a nip in the air, and a pot of soup of the stove. I enjoy puttering about my house, and decorating the front porch for the season, and bringing out my basket of wool projects to work on. Mostly, I love the anticipation of quieter days, and the lovely gifts of nature. It's a truly heart wrenching time of year, in a way. It is so heart can't really hold it all, and is full to overflowing.

Peace to you, my friend.


Hidden Pond Farm said...

Oh Christine, I soooo want to be there with you and Pumpkin Moonshine (lovelove that!)in your lovey beautiful world xoxox
SOOOOOO really veryyyy much want to be there xxxxxx

Lady Linda said...

Hello Christine, I enjoy your posts very much, you have a delightful way with words. I'm so happy that we were able to meet in person, as it makes reading your blog so much more personable.
I adore autumn! I just spent yesterday putting my beds to sleep. It was just the most perfect fall day to work outside.
I think I enjoy fall so much as it is a time to go back into my home and to enjoy being a homemaker even more. The woodstove is going once again and I love all the smells of candles burning. Fall is my favorite time to decorate. I have toned down the Halloween colors and find myself moving into more and more harvest tones. I love my Johnson Brothers turkey plates(collected over many years) and I guess my Thanksgiving items are my favorite. I had retail shoppes for so many years and always enjoyed Thanksgiving as a non commercial holiday and the calm before the storm. It's joyful to be able to really enjoy the holidays now that I am retired. Happy Fall!

Ramona said...

Pumpkin Moonshine and this post are making me smile a big ol' smile this fine Northwest morn.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

Smiles ~ Ramona