Wednesday, October 20, 2010

propper haints this evening

My Dear Friends ~
~you are invited~
At last the farmer's wife has hung her sun bonnet back onto the peg rail and donned her doll maker's bonnet...
She has been snugged by the fire these past days of Autumn, stitching little "propper haints" in celebration of the upcoming season of All Hallow's Eve merry making... Please do join Mistress Crocker ~Doll maker of Deerfield Farmhouse~ as she begins offering her Propper Haints and other little ladyes of Winter celebration.
~~~ This evening,
Wednesday, October 20 at 5 pm pacific time
There you will find them on the DOLLS page ~~~
I look forward to visiting with you by our cozy fireside this evening
and share in a hot cup of cider with us,
yrs very kindly,


Jesska said...

How exciting, I so love your dollies..I remember when you first started a long long time ago...they've come a long ways and i'm ready to see some "propper haints." :) Much love to you Auntie Christine!

Christine Crocker said...

hello beautiful niece,

Thank you Jess, what a sweet thing to say!
It has been a very long Katie & Bryan weren't very old!

I want to dress up like Mrs Chalke or Little Queen Anne Emma in her cape and her big ol' punkin head mask for All Hallow's Eve...

thank you sweet girl,

love you, Auntie Christe'

ps. What are Brogan and Sophia dressing up as?

Gayle said...

Christe"--Oh my-- you do get me into the spirit!!!!

The dollies are wonderful,

your friend,

Christine Crocker said...

oh, Thank you dear Gayle, I know what you mean...
I love them and had so much fun making them...
they have all found wonderful homes now and I'm so pleased. I'm back to my sewing by the fire again this morning.

thank you again...
sending love,

Debbie said...

Your dolls are lovely! I love how they are ready for the season, in such a authentic look. Enjoy your time snug by the fire.

Penelope's Beehive said...

Dear Christine ~

Your dollies are ever so much fun! Sadly though, I came a-visiting much too late...each lovie had already found a new residence. But alas, it is comforting to know that they all shall be much loved and happy.

Peaceful stitching...

Tracy said...

So I was too late to give a home to one of your lovelies. I will be stalking you daily to find more...My bunny and girlie that live with me would love to have a new friend to play with! And of course I must start collecting for little Lily who loves, loves, loves dolls of all shapes and sizes. I want her to grow up loving the truly beautiful!!! Love ya!