Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, dear Tasha

A tinge of fragrant wood smoke is curling up from our chimney into the chilly air above our old farmhouse this early morning.

The sun has not come up over the hills just yet and I am here writing to you by candle light, with a proper cup of hot tea to drink and a sleepy kitten lying on my lap.

A perfect early morning to quietly reflect on how such an extraordinary woman,Tasha Tudor, touched my life completely.

Today would be her 95th birthday and in celebration of

the amazing life she led

I'll go about my day as I always do...enjoying each quiet moment and task.

Shortbread cookies will be baking for afternoon tea, hand sewing the hem of a small linen petticoat for a doll, reading a few pages of a treasured book of Tasha's extraordinary life...

and in keeping these little rituals we all feel the loss of her a little less and somehow,

we feel even more connected to her and to all those whose lives she touched.


Tonight as I cook over the fire and light our evening with hand made candles,

we go on.

Enjoying our family and each season as it comes, without rushing... it is the quiet celebrating of taking joy and the gentle side of life that she loved and bestowed on us all.


My gardens speak of her, with herbs and old roses and deep indigo lupine-late blooming this summer~the tangled potato & pumpkin patch and apples hanging from the trees down in the old orchard.

My attempt at knitting a shawl, slow going as I have so many irons in the fire, is snuggled in a basket by my chair. I hoped to have it ready by the time the first frost nipped my cheek on my early morning walks through the gardens.

As chilly as it is this morning, I know

I must knit a little more each evening now....

Each thing we do here as we live our lives close to the land, every dream we dream.
everything has it's roots growing deep in Tasha's garden.
The seeds that she planted in the hearts of those who loved her are
growing and stretching towards a deep blue summer sky today.
The garden that was planted in my heart the day I first read a story of her, first saw her gardens, stood by her barn door, amazed at how tiny she was, first hearing her voice and chuckled at her wry New England humor.
I was given a name for what I already loved...
but just didn't know...
a candle was lit...a garden planted...
and there, I found my kindred spirit.
What a gift she was to us.
and is still...
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Storybook Woods said...

Happy Tasha Tudor day dear Christine xoxox Clarice

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Christine how very I was reading this I imagined it all!!! Over here we really don't know much about Tasha, but what an extraordinary lady...Happy Birthday dear Tasha!!!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Beautifully written and a wonderful tribute to a remarkable woman...
The scene you paint draws us in, wishing that we were there to share and accompany the clicking of the knitting needles, the scent of woodsmoke and quiet morning conversation.
Susan x

Laura said...


Your beautiful writing sends me to places I may never get to visit, but all the same they are in my mind and heart. Thank you for using that gift to share your hearte and memories and love of a woman who touched you so deeply.


P.S. we'll be looking for that shawl!

Heather said...

What a lovely and beautiful celebration of Tasha. I know she would have enjoyed it so much! I'm so glad that a mutual love of Tasha has brought all of us from all reaches of the country and the earth together! Here's to extraordinary lady!~

Alyson (New England Living) said...

She was an awesome, inspiring lady! Wonderful tribute!

Gayle said...

Christe'--Your moving tribute to Tasha reminds me (in my too busy life) how much I admired her.

Our journey to visit her home and meet her will remain in my memory for always.

She would have loved meeting you and reading your stories.

Your friend,