Friday, February 5, 2010

early February at home

these quiet days of February are becoming filled with the promise of spring.
my little farmhouse sits in the midst of greening fields....
each morning the fields, hills and valley's are
covered with heavy mists in the early morning light.
and even before the sun begins to peek over the hills, the robins down in the
orchard begin their sing~song to greet the new day.
inside, candles are lit and my precious bits are illuminated.
a wonderful new-old silhouette that I've had for sometime and found
here and just love

an old cupboard in my kitchen, wearing a worn and much loved bees wax heart, hanging from an early old gilt and blackened wavy glass mirror. somehow, just looking at it makes everything right in the world.

and my favorite...

old pewter plate and spoon filled with an old cloth heart
that carries this verse...
"But he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast"
(Pro. 15:15)
I wish you all mists that lift, spring peeking over the hills
& a merry heart within.
yrs on this day,
I would love to hear what makes your heart merry this time of year~
please write
and the Honorable Fine Pigg will draw a name
on Tuesday next,
my birthday,
for a little handmade gift for someone.


Olde Mill Primitives said...

a merry heart I have my far away Friend, after reading your sentiments... Lovely.


Becky said...

Here I am, back as me...What makes me merry this time of year is new fallen snow, a warm cozy fire place, my sweetie, quiet stitching with no rushing about, a good book, and a cup of hot spice tea.

and again reading the sentiments of a ~Pastoral Dollmaker~

warm wishes,

Old World Primitives said...

Love the little peeks into your home... especially the third photo - gorgeous!

It makes my heart merry to see the outside covered in a nice blanket of snow at this time of the year (which I am hoping will happen tomorrow!) and then be able to snuggle up with a good book under a blanket with a kitty on my lap.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dear Christine...oh what makes a merry heart in these quiet days of February...the gentle turn of the seasons from Summer to Autumn...catching the last of the swimming season here in the Land of Oz...and Autumn being my 2nd favourite time of year...Blessings to you in your little farmhouse.
And wishing you a lovely day filled with a bursting heart full of happiness on your birthday♥x

prairiegirl said...

I have a birdfeeder, made from an old plow disc, just outside my kitchen. This time of year, the birds begin to come and to our surprise, a family of bright red cardinals has moved to our neighborhood. The color is the most beautiful thing in the white, white snow!!!! We spend much time at the door just admiring the vivid colors.

Mary said...

Laughter..."A merry heart does good like medicine".

Wishing you a "Merry Birthday" full of warm sunshine, loving smiles, and laughter.

Bless you today and always!

Kindest regards,

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Alas another special day is approaching and that in itself is worthy of a celebration. Happy Birthday my sweet friend, may it be filled with all the sentiments that make your heart sing...
There is so much that sends my heart aflutter but being healthy, having a daughter to love and witnessing the rising of the early morning light are my greatest blessings...
Susan x

Kim said...

Ahh Miss Christine, what makes my heart merry is the sound of birds outside my window wondering if they will soon taste the sweet berries from the frosty branches. I also get a warm tremor as I ride about coveting all the empty bird's nests and knowing that soon they will be weaving new ones to hold their young.

Warm wishes to you,Kim

Mary said...

Laughter..."A very merry heart does good like medicine."

Wishing you a very merry birthday filled with laughter, warm sunshine, and surrounded by love.

Kindest regards,

Laura said...

dear christine,

I love the simpleness and tenderness your treasures evoke. a merry hearte for me in this season . . . . is one that feasts on a goode word and a goode book, the solitude and quiet of a winter's day while tucked away at home, and the hopeful promise of new things to come.

loving wishes to you,

Becky and Julie said...

Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. A wonderful line from a childhood book, much-loved, is in Anne of Green Gables - "Her beauty-starved eyes" - how my eyes drink in the beauty of your lovely blog!


Heather said...

Oh, what loveliness! I too adore that heart in the old pewter plate. and what a perfect verse!
Ah, what gives me a merry daughter's mischevious grin, blue skies with a warm spring breeze, my doggy's little freckled face...and of course my dolly Emma Jane sitting so prettily on the antique dresser.

Have a wonderful birthday, Christine! Hope its lovely and bright. And do count me in for the giveaway! What fun!~

Storybook Woods said...

Visting your home Christine, is like stepping back in time. Clarice

Mary A said...

I smile when I look out my window where my snowdrops are blooming. Hooking a rug in soft spring colors. Happy day,
Mary A.

Finegan Antiques said...

Circle of Life,
Ever waiting for a renewal of a


Tracy said...

Thank you, Christine, for your lovely ~ heart felt words and encouragements. It's always a pleasure to visit with heart was filled with joy this week when my oldest son visited us for an entire week from TN, along with his new puppy...we laughed, loved and lived a lifetime this week! As always, your friend ~ Tracy.

Stacey said...

You are so goode for the soul. A couple weeks ago, I had my first real venture out in a year. My days are still long but the hopes of Spring make my heart smile. I haven't seen a robin yet, but I am looking! You have made my smile even bigger reading that Spring is on it's way and is at the Farmhouse.

Doreen said...

Good morning Christine. Such beauty from your home in words and in photo's.

My heart sings this time of year for so many reasons; the quietness of falling snow, birds fluttering about as they breakfast at the feeders, children laughing as they sled on a nearby hill, smoke billowing from chimneys, a quiet walk through the snowy woods, a handmade mug filled with delicious homemade cocoa........

Wishing you a wonderful day,

Debbie said...

Many things make my heart merry. there is so much to be happy about if we look for it. Today my heart is merry as I walk in the sun and look at the white snowdrops, the purple crocus, and the chickens frolicking in the yard.
thank you for sharing your wonderful hearts.
Be Merry,

fiddlestixstudios said...

Your blog is so beautiful,Christine! I may be to late,but what makes my heart Merry this time of year,is the promise of Spring,just around the corner,and knowing that our garden will be coming soon!Alwaysfamily,home
and simple little Valentine's!

With My Warmest Regard, Jan said...

Happy Birthday Christine! I love your writings, pictures and necessities...A merry heart comes to me with a warm smile from a dear friend. Jan