Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Simple Life~Jill Peterson's new magazine

Many of you are familiar with the fabulous country books
"Homestead" and
"the Settlement"
by author Jill Peterson,
and know just how wonderful they are.
If you aren't familiar with these wonderful books
and have a love for early homes,
early things and the simple way of life
get ready for a wonderful treat.
Jill has a brand new Magazine coming out in February called
"A Simple Life".
We who love early have been "hungry" for such a publication~
In Jill's words~
"Our mission statement is,
"When your magazine arrives in the mail, it will be like getting a letter from an old friend."

Each Issue will feature 2 wonderful homes, one living history museum, historical essays,

short story fiction about early times,

educational features on various antiques, early projects to make, recipes, book reviews and lots MORE!

I know I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation.
It should be out by Valentine's Day!
I can't think of a better token of affection for yourself and
to give to your friends.
We're looking forward to it, Jill.


Heather said...

Oh, it sounds so good! I wonder if it will be something available at the bookstore? I need to check out that link. Thanks for passing it along!

Kim said...

Oh Christine, this magazine looks to be wonderful! Where will be able to find it? Kim

Kim said...

ok, went back and realized you had a link to where to get the mag. Sorry, I got so excited that I just jumped to the comment section! hugs to you. K

Laura said...

Hi Christine,

This sounds right up my alley. Thank you so much for the information. Hope you're enjoying quiet times on the homestead.


Jeri Landers said...

I am so delighted to learn of this magazine. And especially to see that The Museum of Appalachia is on the cover. I live only 45 minutes from this American treasure and visit it frequently. It is like stepping back in time about 200 years.