Thursday, September 20, 2007

wee hours princess

I have long been aware that my dollies
come alive at night.
I can hear them scurrying and rustling downstairs in the wee hours as they carry on their dolly lives. Visiting & playing tea party at the little doll table and reading their books together on the settee.
I knew that when the
arrived for my Katie's birthday
that Elisabeth was quite smitten with it.
although she didn't say one word...
her eyes sparkled~
you could see she could not wait for night to fall.
Early the next morning
as I crept down the chilly stairs
I could hear them oohing and ahhing...
and was not at all surprised to see
Elisabeth & her dolly....
the old story book in their laps
and Elisabeth playing Princess
in the early light of morning...
with the glittery crown upon her head.
I must speak to our dear friend about a bit of glittery
with a beautiful E
for our dear Elisabeth
and just maybe a tinier one
for her beloved dolly.


Miss Maddie's said...

I blame my cats for the things that go bump in the night.When the daylight peeks through the window in the early morning I realize it could not possibly have been them.They never would have placed the silke thread back in the sewing basket or returned the needle to it's rightful place in the pin cushion.Neither one where I had left them.I suspect they were mending a hem on one of their gowns. As for the crown, purely delightful! Susan

Ulla said...

How lovely Elizabeth looks in her crown... All princesses should have something sparkling to wear when the moon is high!

BECKY said...

She is simply beautiful, as is her new crown.
Hope all is well Christine, and that your days are blessed.


Nancy said...

How beautiful she is in her crown
and of course her dollie needs a
crown as well.

Donna O'Brien said...

Hmmm....very strange indeed because I, too, hear bits during the night. Perhaps the sounds will get smaller as will a crown I will be making soon.
: )

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my definitely a crown fit for a princess. Oh I believe the magic hours are at night when we are sleeping and dreaming sweet dreams. Just think the celebrations going on in your home this week. xoxoxox Clarice

oldflowers4me said...

oh my- there's nothing nicer than to here your dollys make sounds in the night-i just want to be there with them - while they eat the lilac fairy cakes, oh please never grow up- our lives would be so sad- have a fantastic day- i love the glittery crown, la la la...

Cathy Louise said...

oh dear Christe you write so beautifully...I am sure all your wee dollies have such a wonderful home that they would be excited just to be there.... It is early morning here at the coast and I must say I am not feeling that well... Really bad cough and sore throat and my brothers and sisters are coming to visit today... It is overcast and a little chilly this morning and we had heavy rain on arrival yesterday and even some thunder and lightning... Hopefully it is warm enough today for the kids to have a nice big swim as the place we are staying is simply gorgeous....My family are all still asleep and as usual I couldn't sleep... Miss you and thanks for sharing your beautiful life as ya

Heather said...

Your doll is just lovely and her crown,too!! I always enjoy reading your lovely posts~They make the day a little brighter!!

Jan said...

Emily Jane Bronte, 1850

For princess

Awakening morning laughs from heaven
On golden summer's forests green
And what a gush of song is given
To welcome in that light serene

A fresh wind waves the clustering roses
And through the open window sighs
Around the couch where she reposes
The lady with the dovelike eyes

With dovelike eyes and shining hair
And velvet cheek so sweetly moulded
And hands so soft and white and fair
Above her snowy bosom folded.

Je pop Prinses is prachtig en verdiend haar gouden kroontje! ( your doll Princess is beautifull and deserves her golden crown.)

Anke de Graauw
from the Netherlands

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Elizabeth looks so wonderful, and who wouldn't in a crown by our friend Donna?

Thank you for sharing your sweet treasured friends with us.