Monday, September 24, 2007

fine pigg finds employment

Fine Pigg has come to play...
the girls, however, are not amused...
"He'll just knock us over, we might break!" whispers Charlotte from the back...her smile frozen....
Nellie looks away while the other girls all stand quietly waiting.
Miss Know- it -All, who thinks two heads are better than one, tells F. Pigg,
"Let's play house! "
You be the Dad and go to work...
she says most decidedly
with her hands on her hips.
oh..ok...I'll be the Dad,
says Pigg...
most grateful to be included
What kind of work is there to do around here anyway...
Poor Pigg... to keep the girls from throwing fits and causing general discord within our peaceful home I told Pigg that he had a most important job...
he could be our Guard Pigg.
He smiled his biggest Pigg smile
and grunted happily...
oh yes! I would Love to be the Guard Pigg.
So he trotted quickly along beside me to the
old tea table in front of the fireplace and
there he took his place of honor
on the tippy top
The Old Top Hat
which is filled to the brim
~safe & sound~
all of the names for the 20th Anniversarie Celebration.
Doesn't Pigg look proud of his new station?
You can be quite assured that nothing will come to harm under Guard Pigg's watchful eye.
There is just 1 week left to add your name into the Old Top Hat!
Our 20th Anniversaire Celebration Drawing is October 1st
Please email with your full name & email address
to be added into the Old Top Hat!


Katie said...

hahahaha!!! I LOVE that, mom! that is so funny! Your "girls" remind me of a chapter in the Wizard of Oz book where they come into a land of china people, who are always breaking and needing fixed...Dorothy wanted to take the Queen with her to sit on her mantle at home, but the Queen assured her that if she were taken out of her land, her joints would stiffen, and she wouldn't be able to move around anymore and she would be unhappy. So she needed to stay in the land of china must have a piece of that land in your home...for surely those girls move about unfrozen often - and aren't they lucky to have a Guard Pigg!!

Stacey said...

A guard pigg is the luckiest of all pigs to have beside you. It's the ones with wings that you have to watch out for as they tend to take take flight over most anything and sometimes forget where they started....You have a fine pigg Christe`! and he is so wonderfully patient with all the ladies that he guards. You made this pig lover smile all over today!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh he looks like a fine pig to be guarding all the names. I am sure no one wants their name to get lost. Blessings Clarice

BECKY said...

A fine pigg indeed.
A most important job.
This pigg is very special,
Not no ordinary hog.


BECKY said...

Christine, I can imagine a fine German accent. You see my mother is German and has a strong accent, I would imagine his is as strong as hers. And what a proud smile on his face. hehehe...

Oh what a pigg,

Nancy said...

What a story teller you are.
I especially hope F. Pigg
does a good job of guarding
my name. ;-)

Miss Maddie's said...

This little pigg went to market and this little pigg stayed home...And this special pigg was the guard pigg watching over the names in the tophat, 'till the Celebration was WON!Oh what a lucky pigg. Susan

oldflowers4me said...

oh - i do like a good dreamy story-please just be carful , pigg's eat fairy cakes, it makes them wish for more fairy cakes and then the dollys get up set becouse there's none left for them, please keep him under that dome and your house will be love jo anderson....p.s i love your world.

carole said...

Oh Christine:
I do think Guard Pigg is a fine gentleman!!!
What a wondrous place for him to be!!!

CARole said...

Christe', you have got to write a children's book! I know I have told you this several times, but you are such a talented writer, don't take it for granted.

Cathy said...

What an endearing story! You should write children's books--of course we big kids would enjoy them too. Your style is so reminiscent of Beatrix Potter--I love it!

Cathy :)

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is a charming story, and Fine Pigg, makes a delightful Guard Pigg indeed!

Miss Maddie's said...

Dearest Christe',There's only a few hours now 'till the Celebration draw.I got to thinkin' last night that it doesn't matter if my name is chosen.You see I've come to realize that you put a little piece of yourself in each of your dollies.Because I have collected quite a few over the years I must have a big part of you already.Therefore, my humble friend, I've already won!Thankyou for sharing your talent and creativity and bringing joy into the lives that you have touched. Sincerely, Susan

Christine said...

thank you all so much.

I'm humbled & happy that I have been able to make my dollies for so long...especially if they have brought a bit of happiness to you and to others who have given homes with open arms to my little girls and boys.
thank you from my heart.