Sunday, July 22, 2007

such a beautiful girl

isn't it wonderful when lovely things happen for your friends?
I'm so pleased for my friend, Aleta Breese, who -just recently-
was quite notably and honorably awarded
with not just one
but 2
Toby Awards for her sweet bear,
Princess Mirabell & Sophie
Aleta & I had talked about us making a collaboration piece together. I would make wee doll to be with her beautiful Princess Mirabell ...
and so I made little Sophie-seen here with the illustrious Princess M. herself.
Sophie has had the honor of being her traveling companion to all the best soiree's,
award dinners & tea parties.
Not being educated in the bear maker's world,
I soon learned that earning
a Toby Award is very much akin to receiving an Academy Award
and being recognized as one of the best in your field.
TOBY (Teddy Bear of the Year) awards
are presented by Teddy Bear and Friends magazine.
See more about Aleta and her wonderful teddy bears here:
I have oohed and ahhed at seeing their formal portrait together.
Now, I must say that after having actually met
and held the Famous Princess Mirabell this past Friday that I was not prepared for what an absolutely beautiful bear she is in person.
she is indeed quite breathtakingly-
A most beautiful bear girl.
Her eyes speak volumes and she is dressed in such lovely antique clothing, complete with a tiny pale robin's egg blue purse and a sweet little cream silk parasol.
I was a little sad to have to put her back and wave goodbye to them.
I am so very happy and proud for Aleta
and I'm very honored to have been a small part of
her exciting journey into the Wonderful world of a bear maker's "Hall of Fame".
ps.I must apologize, Aleta, for not including our picture together...I'm afraid that whatever was on my camera lens marred our pictures, so if yours are much better, I look forward to seeing us both on your blog!


Dixie Redmond said...

Isn't that wonderful! I've never heard of a Toby award, but now I know. :-)

Congrats to Aleta and you, Christe'.


Doreen said...

Hello Christine. What a lovely twosome. I am familiar with Aletta's is fantastic..and the combination of her work and yours... is just remarkable. Congratulations to Aletta..and to you...your little lady makes it complete.