Monday, July 2, 2007

a mother's prayer for peace

I am not a political person, but I am a praying one.
I am also a mother, a grand-mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife.
Watching my little grandchildren play across the lawn, our flag held high, it just became even more clear to me
We need prayer for peace.
Not long ago my son and I stood at the grave of his good friend, a boy just like my boy, tall and strong, who grew up here, played here, rode his dirt bike, flying over the hills behind our farm, with my boy and other boys. They raided my refrigerator, the cookie jar, tracking mud in the house, doing all the things that boys will do. They grew up handsome, strong and tall. They all went off to college together and then...Tommy went off to war.
As we stood there together at his grave, the grass still brown, with my son's strong arm tight around me, I could feel him shaking. I was overwhelmed with grateful and thankful prayers for Tommy and all the other men and women that have stood tall and strong and brave for us all and thankful and grateful to God that my son was standing there with me...
and that all Mothers should have their sons and daughters standing with them.
And we do, these boys and girls who give all of themselves for us, fight for us and stand watch for us are all our sons and daughters. Making this country safe for all of us. A safe world for our babies and their babies to come.
I once read that if all the Mothers, grandmothers,wives, sisters and daughters of the men who are at war could all come together that there was nothing that these women could not heal with prayer in just one afternoon.
I hope that you will join with me.
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Cathy Louise said...

Beautiful sentiments my dear friend... A prayer for peace and bringing all our soldiers home safe and to their families...
Love ya

Katie said...

I could hardly read through that eyes were so is such a heartache. There is nothing more to say than that. Thank you for being such a wonderful writer, so that you could share your thoughts with us so well. I LOVE you.

Kingfisher Farm said...

It's so hard. I am so sorry for your loss. Here in central Illinois we have lost so many! Just this last week 2 soldiers returned home, one a beautiful blonde,barely over 20, the other a young father of 2 tiny children. It's hard to believe we are protecting our way of life by fighting in a foreign land. I pray their sacrifice will not be in vain. Truly, they have seen the worst hatred, and suffered its wrath, and their families are forever wounded! hugs to you dear friend as you grieve, Pam

oldflowers4me said...

oh my - im so sorry for your sons lost friend,that young man is alive in your sons heart and all those fun time's they had together,love jo...

CARole said...

Christe', I remember when you told me about the loss of your son's friend. It was very sad to me and I could not imagine what that must have been like for him and especially his family, but when I read the article and saw the handsome young face, it brought tears to my eyes. My father lost his brother at sea in World War II. His body was never found. Today his picture is being displayed in his honor, on this 4th of July, in my home. It is so very sad to loose our young men and women, but where would our country be without these brave young people. I do try to pray every day for them. I believe in prayer, completely.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I join you as the mother of a 20 year old son and as the daughter of a Viet Nam Veteran. We have lost two boys that went to school with my son in this war. I am sad every time I hear of another loved one lost. My sincere condolences to you, your community and to the family of this young man.
My thoughts are of peace.

Stacey said...

such a beautiful piece! You have touched many with your words here. I remember keeping watch of the News every evening, hoping for a glimpse of my father. Also going to school with all my classmates here knowing that they all had their Dad's to share school events and holidays with, but mine was gone, fighting the war. I hoped that I would not see this again in my lifetime... instead we wait for news that family and friends have written home.....Thank you for keeping us mindful of our Freedom and that All soldiers are someones son.. and they are our nations sons.

Sylvia Anderson said...

Very well said.....and oh so true. Thank you for reminding us of what is truely important in and friends.

Christine said...

Dearest Cathy, Katie,Pam,Jo, CARole,Mrs.Staggs,Stacey & Sylvia,

I can't thank you enough for writing to me here. Thank you for sharing what's in your hearts & in your thoughts each day,
love to you,