Friday, June 1, 2007

she colors our world with love

She brought her rainbow paintbox
when she came.
She colors our world
with her little paintbrush...
Sunshine yellow hair flying,
pink boots clomping, rainbow colored"pretties" on her wrist, her "strawberry jam around the edges" smiling little face.
we all tag along as she rides her orange, yellow & purple trike through fairy worlds of wonder and awe, not afraid to try anything, she hops and skips into everyday, dolly under her arm, mostly happy, sometimes stormy, always lots of hugs & kisses and "love you" all around,
She brought all the colors of the rainbow and painted our hearts with love
Happy 2nd Birthday
Emma Anne


Christine said...

Perfectly precious. Happy birthday, little Emma Anne.

Rachael said...

Dear Little Emma Anne~
May this blest day distinguish'd luster wear,
And shine the brightest in the circling year;
No sullen glooms it's radiant face annoy,
No care, no anxious thought, your bliss destroy;
But ev'ry pleasure, ev'ry blessing meet,
To make your happiest day complete!~
May it~ thus perfect, thus complete~ still last;
May each succeeding year excel the past;
While Nature's self, exhausted of her store,
Shall kindly give, till thou can'st ask no more......
~ Paul Perry, Thetford, July 1800

Happy Birthday sweet flower!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh, Christine, I can't believe little Emma is two already. She's a dear and Ethan looks so sweet holding her.

O butterfly how beautiful you are

Cathy Louise said...

You write so beautifully my friend, Emma is so very lucky to have Katie and you as beautiful role models in her life... Sending kisses from down under xxxxxx

Tracy said...

Beautiful Christe'! Who made the awesome afghan that is wrapped around her? I love it!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Happy Birthday indeed! It seems like only yesterday she was a year old! It's like a runnaway train, this childhood race, quicker than the speed of sound! Yet I know you appreciate every fleeting moment! Emma is so fortunate to have so many loving arms around her! Hugs Pam

CARole said...

Oh my goodness how time has flown by! I remember you sending me this photo and it seems like only yesterday. My Emma is graduating from highschool this year, I can hardly believe it. You wait and see, Christe', it's like a flash before your eyes and they are grown! Savior every moment, every hug and every kiss.

oldflowers4me said...

ooohhhh- happy birthday to you little one. hop skip and

Dixie Redmond said...

Your love is shining through, Christine. :-)


paige said...

how precious!
happy birthday!

Stacey said...

What a treasure the wee ones are, and none so dear as those that live near....
I know you are enjoying lots of Birthday Cake flavored kisses!! I hope the family had a wonderful time celebrating, I know Emily has many wonderful memories with such a loving family. Hugs to you all!

Stacey said...

Hi Christe'!
I'm a rerun~ and am on a tagging mission. Your mission, should you choose to accept it , is to write 7 random things about yourself and tag 3 other fellow bloggers. (showing my age here)
It was fun actually. So busy with school and garden, talk with you soon~

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The perfect doll.

Michelle said...

Very Heart Warming Christe!! Thanks for sharing! They grow way to fast!!!!

Blessings and Hugs,

Katie said...

Oh mom! I haven't been online for a few days...this is absolutely just right on about Emmie.

Amber said...

Oh Christine, I cannot believe sweet Emma is two already! How time does fly. Kids grow wayyyy to FAST! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!