Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday supper~ Hen Pott Pye

Fragrant, bubbly and hot from the oven for our Sunday supper

Hen Pott Pye

We have freezing rain and more weather coming over the hills towards us from the mountains~

Our March weather is always contrary, so we've got a good fire going in the big fireplace, a good old movie going and having our supper in front of it~

I hope that your day has been a good one, doing something you enjoy~



woolyredrug said...

Such a pretty pie!

Tallowberry Primitives and FolkArt said...

Sounds like a perfect way to spend a late winter evening, enjoy it and your beautiful pot pie.


Three Cat Farm said...

ooooo I think I will make a pie too!

janice15 said...

Looks lovely, I guess I can't follow you on your blog I don't seem to find the button for followers.. w/love Janice..