Wednesday, August 21, 2013

peace and plenty & a simple life indeed~

The Fall 2013 issue of  A Simple Life has arrived at last!

and what a beautiful issue it is~

filled with wonderful articles, stories and beautiful photos~

as well as my essay,

~the Old Chair~

you can order your own issue or subscribe to
A Simple Life magazine

My lovely Peace and Plenty sampler was stitched by me using one of the wonderful sampler designs designed by folk artist and needlework artist

Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm

I absolutely love it~
it's folky and early, like all of Lori's wonderful designs & just right for our old farmhouse here on
Deerfield Farm~



Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

SO goode to see you posting again Mistress Crocker ~ Looking forward to reading my magazine and seeing your article ~ and how very sweet to use my sampler design in your posting ~
Blessed be!

Heather said...

What a beautiful sampler! I always wish I had the patience to complete those :)
Congrats on the article too, I'll have to watch for that magazine!~

Home In New England said...

Christine, Your article was a beautiful compliment to this wonderful magazine!
Home In New England

Christine Crocker said...

dear Lori~
stitching away on your sampler is such a peaceful and serene way to spend an hour or two~ I thoroughly enjoyed it!
our little old farmhouse thanks you, too, as she is very proud to have it displayed on her walls~ Enjoy your new issue of "A Simple Life"~

Christine Crocker said...

dear Heather,
oh my goodness, thank you, Heather, for your lovely compliment!
I do think, though, that knitting a sweet little sweater for the new little man in your life is much more patience consuming! I know you could do this with your eyes closed!
You can find A Simple Life in shops listed on their website or order it directly from them. Just follow the link on my post today.

take good care,
I look forward to hearing more about the wee sweater you're knitting~ I love the colors!
xo, Christe'

Christine Crocker said...

oh my, Thank you dear Bonnie,
for such a lovely compliment about my article for Autumn ~

Your photos are so lovely and how they make me homesick for New England~

Barbara said...

Loved the story about the wonderful old chair. We all have a special 'old something' that we cherish,but couldn't put into words, as you always do.I am a sampler fancy too and love the one you did. It's so touching to the heart. The dollies all send their love.

The French Bear said...

I love your work Christine, I have followed your work over many years...I still remember the first article I read about your work, I was smitten!!! How I would love to have a doll hand created by you!!!
The magazine is a must buy, love Lori's stitching too!
Margaret B