Sunday, December 16, 2012

peace, love and light

there hasn't been sleep or words...

very early this morning, before the light had crept up over the hills behind our farm,
 I stood on the little landing between the snug little rooms
at the top of the stairs,tucked under the eaves of this old house.
Looking in, my two oldest grandchildren, just 10 and 7 were sound asleep.
 I am so very grateful that they are here,warm and safe,
just as they were when their Grandpa and I read them stories and tucked them into their beds last night.
Our 2 littlest ones, 3 and 4 months are safe at home with their Momma and Daddy,
cuddled and kept close, precious beyond measure.
Their sweet little faces, soft with peaceful child dreams, make me ache for those so shattered.
Those little faces will make us all even more vigilant for their safety and others around us.
and gives me hope for the future of every little child.

I pray in my heart of hearts that all 4 of my little grandchildren will grow
and live their lives
with love and hope, peace and shining light...just as they do now.

I pray that peace and love and shining light
will be a balm for the hearts of  all those who are without it this
snowy Sunday morning~

Christine and family

Our 2 children and their spouses are teachers for 1st grade, 5th grade and high school~
They too,ache and are shattered, hearing the unfathomable and heartbreaking stories of courage and loss that are coming from Sandy Hook.

Now they and their teaching partners across the country must be even more vigilant as they go about their days at school, watching over each student and visitor, doing all they can do to keep their students and each other safe.

And they will go back to school tomorrow morning and every day after that, to teach and help make our children's world a much safer place. 

I  know that, like me, everyone of you are hugging your children and grandchildren close, your nieces and nephews, friends and family, all of them.
Hug them close and tell them you love them...
and if you can, please hug a teacher.


Rilda said...

May God bring good from this tragic that has happened because all those involved must see His plan is to bring those ready back home to Him and those not ready to become ready. Goodwill to all! *U*

Dixie Redmond said...

Amen, Christe'.

Stacey said...

Blessings to the families of Sandy Hook. You spoke for all of us, Christe'. <3

Laura said...

Thank you for these beautiful words and sentiments Christine.

Angie said...

Thank you, Christine. You put it so well. Peace to you and peace to all precious children everywhere.

Barbara said...

I live not far from Newtown. It is impossible to understand what has happened here.All our hearts are aching for those affected by this tragedy. Thank you Christine for your beautiful thoughts.

Lady Linda said...

A touching post my friend. I was once a first and second grade teacher long ago. My daughter teaches community college, my other daughter works in a Montessori school, my niece and two of my sisters are teachers too. I so understand your post. My heart just hurts for all theses families and my thoughts are with parents and teachers everywhere. I don't like what has happened to our society.