Tuesday, September 20, 2011


a little dream of mine is slowly but surely coming true...
It started with a "farmer's load" of old tongue and groove pine boards, carefully saved for several years until they could be used.
I would visit them in the back of the barn where they've been covered and stored.
I would pull back the canvas and smell the piney wood scent and rub my hands across the boards and dream of them as they would be someday.
At long last the day came when we were ready. We covered the walls in our downstairs and put in new old pine paneled doors, laid a wide board floor. It's as if I have walked into an entirely different house now.
Even before the last few boards were being laid, I brought in a make-do demilune table that I made from an old table that had only half it's top. I took off the old legs that had seen better days.
My dear daughter in law made legs for me in her wood shop for Christmas last year.
So here it is, all put together with a thin coat of milk paint like frosting on a cake.
Resting on it now, a large wooden bowl, old as the hills and perfectly out of round,
and a hand turned treen candlestick with one of my own beeswax candles.
There's a tin chandelier waiting to be hung and an old rope bed in it's original blue-green milk paint waiting for it's bed hangings to be sewn.
I look forward to the sun going down so that I can light the candles and visit another place in another time right at the bottom of the old stairs.


Heather said...

How beautiful! It must be so stunning in that room now, how cozy it will look in the candle light as well! Enjoy your new room makeover :)

Christine Crocker said...
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Christine Crocker said...

Thanks so much, Heather. It IS very cozy, especialy with the candles lit.
I'll share more of it as it comes together.

katiebird said...

I just love it when you post, ma! the downstairs is so wonderful - I look forward to seeing it "be-candled", too :)

Cathy Louise said...

Oh you write so beautiful and your room looks amazing. Love C xoxo

An Historical Lady said...

Just beautiful!
We have been searching for old, dirty barn floorboards to lay upstairs and finally 'do' that room. So far, we haven't found them, as we must 'garbage pick' them for free...Not giving up hope...good things come to those who wait...and are willing to dismantle and haul them away!


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Lady Linda said...

Hello dear Christine...nice to see you blogging again as I so enjoy every post. I have missed you.
The room is so you...you must be thrilled.
Love, Linda

annie said...

Wow! That is just amazing!

Stacey said...

Oh if we could put an ear to those boards and hear their stories of old. You make my heart smile Christie and I can just imagine the farmer and his wife smiling in the candle light also.


Barbara said...

Oh Christine, how wonderful to use those old boards and I love the table too! My house has those great old boards under newer oak flooring and I am waiting for the day I can rip them up to expose the old boards.I even have them in the attic. I love to look at the different widths the boards are arranged in. I can look up and see them from the basement.

Carole said...

Dear Christe'. In my mind's eye I pictured you sitting in your room, with candle lit. I know how you must feel, so cozy and at peace. I am happy for you to have gotten this wonderful early looking room. I wish I could be there with you, but know that I am in spirit and I think of you often, dear Christe'.
Love to you

Gayle said...

Christe" If I didn't know I would think the [photo was taken in an early house. and it is so you.....

good job..


An Historical Lady said...

Wishing you and your family a warm and wonderful Christmas~