Saturday, November 28, 2009

a time of magic

" Christmas has always been my family's favorite celebration.
It is a time of magic, Is it not?
~Tasha Tudor ~
looking out the window from my kitchen table at the late afternoon light,
everything seems to look different.
It seems to have a joyful anticipation to it.
Father quail stands sentinel while the rest of the quail family hurry
to the shelter of the old crabapples trees.
They've gotten plump from eating the deep red crabapple drops.
The wood box is stack't high by the back door and something good is
baking in the oven.
For me and my family, as soon as Thanksgiving has past, Christmas is most surely in the air.
And as always, Tasha Tudor's love of Christmas is always a great part
of our family traditions and celebrations.
and this Christmas will be even more special for us.
Our family Christmas is here on Deerfield Farm this year and we have a new little one that
we will share all our joy & anticipation....
I can't wait to have all my babies under our roof for Christmas Eve and morning.
now, I must find my Gingerbread cookie recipe....
Christmas is coming to Deerfield Farmhouse
this week!


Heather said...

Oh, she's a lovely miss! I love the fabric you used for her dress. I wont tell this to Emma Jane though, she is a bit high strung and might get jealous ;)
I know you will have a lovely holiday...I played Take Peace for me and little one this afternoon as we trimmed out the living room :)

Laura said...

Oh Christine,

What a sweet young ladye, dressed in a charming print and ready to trim the tree it appears!

What fun!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to have missed out on 'Nicey' (sigh). She's beautiful!!!!!!

Storybook Woods said...

I can just imagine how wonderful Christmas is at your house. It is a time of magic, we just read dolls Christmas last night, a yearly treat. Clarice

Gayle said...

What a lovely way to enter the first of December reading about your own thoughts of Christmas and seeing the beautiful Nicey. I need to get out MY Tasha books...

As always, I am enchanted.....


Sea Angels said...

Yes you will be lighting those beeswax candles, and dreaming of Sugar Plum Faires.......she is beautiful xxx
Hugs Lynn xxx