Thursday, July 2, 2009

elisabeth caroline

safe in her daddy's hands
elisabeth caroline
our family grew this past week. in our hearts especially.
a little girl that we have all waited for
and loved from the moment we knew she was coming.
my son and his beautiful wife welcomed their first child,
a tiny pink rosebud of a wee girl
elisabeth caroline
bless you little family


Becky said...

Oh my, what a sparkle of light. Congratulations Christine!
What a beautiful blessing.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

She is so DARLING Christine!
Congratulations to the whole family.
Enjoy your little treasure...

With love,

Heather said...

aww, she is a little rosebud! Im sure she is a treasure. Welcome little one!

Barbara Melotto said...


What a wondefful gift. My best wishes for many happy days with this beautiful child.


Laura said...

She does look like a tiny little rosebud, Christine. What a sweet time for your family.


Cathy Louise said...

Oh so beautiful my friend....Congratulations, you must be over the moon...She is so tiny and precious!!!! You guys are always in my thoughts...Love to you all...C xx

katiebird said...

ooooh! I just love that picture of her!!!

Stacey said...

Such a wee beautiful Princess and methinks she has great things ahead for her...
Blessings to all of you~


Sea Angels said...

Oh she's so small.....I forget how tiny we are when we make our first journey, such blessings...such a great gift and promise for the future. How lovely for her to be part of all of you.
LOve Lynn xx

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

What a beautiful and special time for you and your family.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

You have been blessed by the arrival of this new grand-baby and she has already reached within and touched your soul.
My best wishes to the proud new parents of darling Elizabeth Caroline.
I can not think of a better way for you to celebrate the birth of your Nation ... Happy 4th of July my dear.
xo Susan

Edyth said...

A precious doll of a child! Happy for you! Warmly, Edyth O

Kingfisher Farm said...

Congratulations! No wonder you have been scarce of late. Pam

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I am so delighted to read of your good news. A treasure for all to enjoy; congrats, dear Christine!
Always blessed,

Gayle said...

How utterly sweet and tiny this new little grandaughter is---you are beautiful Elisabeth (with an "s")!!!!!!

My best to all-----


Finegan Antiques said...

Welcome little Elisabeth Caroline. May your path be bright and full of wonderous delights.

Blessings to you, Christine, and your family.


Charlotte said...

Like a sweet baby doll she is oh so tiny! Congratulations and best wishes to you and yours.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Your new grandbaby is perfectly lovely. I think there is no more special time in a family's life than when a new baby is born. A pure loving time.

I wish you and yours all the happiness your hearts can hold.

Angela said...

God bless you Christine and the new additional spirit in your family. Enjoy! Angela

Tracy said...

Congratulations on such a beautiful grand baby! She is precious and oh so tiny. I think she is the luckiest of girls to be added to such a sweet family. Miss talking to you my friend! My sweet girl Lily is quickly going on TWO!
Take care, love Tracy

Tracy said...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl to have an Elisabeth too! Congratulations on welcoming such a beautiful and tiny baby to the family. Can you believe that my little Lily is almost TWO?!
Miss talking to you sweet friend,
love Tracy

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine...What a precious little her name, just beautiful.
Enjoy each moment.
Love your blog, just happened to find you, I crochet for dolls and can't wait to learn more about your work..
Have a splendid Sunday

Take care,