Monday, March 30, 2009

~thank you dear friends~
all is well.


Laura said...

dear Christine,

I'm so glad you're connected again, though I bet the quill pen was a bit tempting. I love the photos of your sweet little ladyes. I wonder who this one might be?? And I have been meaning to mention that I love the photo of someone's(?) little shoes with silk ribbon. Is she perhaps ready for dancing on those beautiful floors?

Christine said...

thank you dear Laura,

it is such a relief!
and yes, I do have my quill out & writing in my old ledger,too..
to keep things running smoothly,of course.
The ladye you see is our Augusta. She is our artistic one who paints murals on the stairwell walls of the dollhouse and has been helping Lydia to cut tiny paper birds to hang over their little beds tucked under the eaves.
The silk ribboned shoes belong to Elisabeth who came from New Hampshire...I do think she does dance across my floors...
her little leather shoes do make a lovely soft tap tap tap when she dances...
love to you my friend,

Heather said...

your little dollies are so those sweet and mysterious faces!~

Dzintra Ingrid said...

Congratulations to the Winners!!! dear sweet little Grandbaby is also called Lidija (j pronounced like y, Latvian heritage). I love that you have a best pen. Happy Spring to you ♥♥♥

Christine said...

Thank you dear girls~

Augusta thanks you for your lovely compliments,Heather, your paintings are the loveliest thing she has seen.

Dear Dzintra,thank you for your lovely note and kind wishes.
Lydia wishes to know if baby Lidija is old enough to play with Susie?
We're anxiously awaiting a little grand daughter who will arrive in June. Lydia has plans to bring out her dollies so she & baby can play.

sending beautiful spring wishes,

Anonymous said...

Oh, look at your lovely little dolls all lined up in a row! They make my heart go pitter-patter. Scrumptious!

Ada och Emil said...


I love your blog, and your lovely photos. There is always so nice feeling :)

Hugs, Sanna

Anonymous said...

Any workshops on how to make dolls for fall? Your artwork is so warm and cozy.