Thursday, January 1, 2009

quiet new year

our new year dawned onto glittering snow covered fields
and quiet iced landscapes.
Our breath hung in the thin pale pink light
and crunched beneath our feet
as we did our chores in the early morning
of the new year.
ethereal quiet and calm
not even one rustle of the last leaf was heard
just the tinkling of ice crystals
from our breath frozen in mid air.
it's as if this frozen sleepy place
was a stopping and a beginning all at once.
a jumping off place.
where we stand at the edge
and gather ourselves,
getting ready for
a new beginning
for positive changes
and wonderful things to come.
I hang my heart on the hope of it
and wish you all the very best~


Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

And what a peaceful scene Christine...I just imagined myself crunching along in that snow...tinkling of ice crystals, just conjours up beautiful images. My Son lives in snow country here and it is a frozen, sleepy place in can just listen to the quiet!!! And today I was at the beach!!! Enjoy your very special place at the start of this New Year...Blessings to you, Dzintra

Heather said...

What a beautiful and peaceful home you have. I'm still longing for snow! I cant wait to see what treasures you create for 2009!~

...Miss..Maddie's... said...

Who be this lass shown above
Someone's daughter...
Another's true love...
Share her secret I bid you please...
May you be blessed with a joyful new year dearest Christe'.
xo Susan

brook said...

Peaceful and promises for the New Year. Thank You for the beautiful words. I enjoyed your blog. I am new in blogland, about four months.Please visit me, and I would appreciate being added to your blog list. May the New Year bring forth your dreams.
Blessings, Brook

Dixie Redmond said...

I hope for a new year of wonder for you, C. :-) Dixie

Dody Jane said...

I was just in Deerfield, Ma and saw the original of the little picture you have placed on your masthead. Deerfield is a wonderful place, repleat with the kind of quiet I imagine the 18th century world possessed... I love your dolls and hope to catch one someday...

Katie said...

What beautiful descriptions and kindred sentiments. I understand what you mean exactly, and I just love love love the way you used words to describe it. Love it ma, love me

Cathy Louise said...

Happy New Year sweetest friend of mine...Your snow pictures are just so gorgeous and peaceful...Wishing you a year filled with love, hope, joy and happiness, you definitely deserve the best of everything....Love Cathy xxx

Storybook Woods said...

Sighhhhh, so beautiful. Happy New Year Christine. I know it is full of blessings. Clarice

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine,

What a beautiful, peaceful place and to think 'it's home', that safe harbor. Such calm and beauty in a simple snow. Wishing you a special new year of adventure and new beginnings.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my, it is a treat to see these beautiful photographs of the farm in snow. What a glorious sky, and as usual, your words are equally as beautiful.

All my best to you, and I wish you love, and peace.

Becky said...

the blustery cold has drifted East for now, brrrr... hope you are getting some warming sun. There is nothing like the sound of melting ice on a sunny winters day.
What a beautiful wintery view.
Blessings to you dear Christine,


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

When the frigid North winds blow and the house is still but for the crackling of the fire I think of the coming of spring.
I can not help but wonder, my kindred spirit if your thoughts have looked that way too.
Hope all is fine at Deerfield farm and that you are well and cozy.
xo Susan

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for such lovely comments. Wasn't the early morning just beautiful? The air was a thin pale pink.

The very pretty young girl in my banner is indeed a small picture from the textile museum in Deerfield where we visited this past fall.
Her faded colors and expression just spoke to me.
Deerfield,MA was a very magical place to spend long days. Walking and listening to the quiet and learning all that we could about the history of old Deerfield and the surrounding area.

The little stay & linen hoop on my banner today is a little child's and on display there,too.
Isn't it precious?

a happy day to you all,