Tuesday, November 11, 2008

being the light

"There are two ways of spreading light;
to be
The candle, or the mirror
that reflects it."
edith wharton
I've been thinking quite often about the kind of light I want to reflect ...
...that I hope I reflect
for myself, for my friends and for my family. I have two little grandchildren and a new little one is coming!
I want so much to give.
To be a light for them in all the ways I can.


When my grandchildren are all grown, I want to be remembered as
being full of life & light. That I shared what I love with all of them, that living simply and joyfully is important.
and most of all, To be Kind.
~ That our actions are important. To be happy, optimistic and full of light.
To be a gift to ourselves and to others.
In our family, the gifts we give are most always a gift of an experience. Spending time together doing something special. Not so much a wrapped present, but one that they can remember with a smile for the rest of their lives.
I spent part of this summer gathering things together from here & there.
My best find was a huge old cast iron kettle. I waited until our bee keeper friend could melt down our wax for us. The the proper candle wicks were found, cut saplings for our dipping sticks and drying racks & lots of dry apple wood for the fire. Finally, the day came when everything we might need to make this
a special time for our family was gathered and ready.
~ The fire under the old kettle was lit and had to be coaxed. The huge cakes of yellow beeswax were carefully slid into the hot water and began to melt.
It was working!
and so, we all dipped bees wax candles down in the old apple orchard. I could see the faces of all my family as we gathered around that smoky fire on a beautiful autumn afternoon, Smiling and laughing as they all took turns at dipping their wicks into the huge pot
of melted wax.
We weren't sure that we were doing it right, but it didn't matter. Seeing the rows of beautiful candles hanging up and cooling in the wooden racks, my grandson dangling precariously from a branch in the old cherry tree overhead, my little grand daughter hanging tight onto me, watching closely as I helped her dip her candles,too...
everyone was smiling and laughing, smoky and happy.
It was just right.
the best light of all.

an afternoon's worth of candle dipping

made from our own bees wax


Cathy Louise said...

Gosh you write just beautifully my friend and I too want the same things for my family and on good days I think we are doing that but when it is frantic like it is at the moment I am not so sure.... and what is this about another grand-baby???? How exciting is that????please tell me more....Love to you cxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine,

What a lovely moment in time with your family. That IS the truest treasure. How fun!

Laura B

Mrs. Staggs said...

A new grandbaby at Deerfield. That is indeed lovely news.

This is another beautifully written post, and it has warmed my heart to think of you and your family in the orchard dipping candles and truly being in that moment together. I have no doubt that you are the light of their lives, Christine.....as you have been a beacon for me over a great many years. (And you didn't even know that, until we met in this oddest of places, online.) You just "are", in each and every thing that you do, my friend.

My best wishes to you.

Bethany said...

Lovely post and so very true about being that joy and light in people's life!
How amazingly cool to have done the candle dipping...wish I had been there.
So happy to have stopped by :)

Katie said...

I am ALWAYS so amazed that when we do what our heart so strongly desires, it seems to melt out and comfort and lift up anyone around us. Seeing you gather your candlemaking and doing it with such wonder and curiousity did melt out onto all of us, and we were swept up in your dream. It was so much fun! We had the best time this weekend...especially finding out that I'll be an Auntie! Another baby in the family is so precious and wondrous.
Love to you ma, kt

Anonymous said...

What special memories you are creating for your family to share, and you paint such a beautiful picture with your words so that we can all imagine ourselves right there with you. Thank you!
~ You are a light that shines Very bright!~

Miss Maddie's said...

I have no doubt that the light you send forth is maternal, endearing and timeless...
I am so happy for you with the news of a new grandbaby, they are the most precious of creatures.
And I finally secured a copy of Somerset.The light you speak of has somehow found its way to me... every time I gaze into the eyes of those beloved dollies.
xo Susan

Deirdra Doan said...

There is so much Peace when I come to your page.
I made dolls! Come see.....and the fall leaves are falling on my page..

Deirdra Doan said...

Hi again, I read your post...oh how fun...a memory for ever!

Anonymous said...

I read the article in this months issue of Romantic Homes. I love the idea of making a beautiful candy container out of paper. Every year my grandma and I make all sorts of delicious candies to give to family and friends at the holidays. This year they will get their candy in a gorgeous paper container covered in vintage buttons and ribbons that my grandma has collected over the years. Thanks for the great idea!

Deirdra Doan said...

I read your post about the slippers your doll wanted...I am having the same problem with my girls. One doesn't like her dress teas stained and the other doesn't want to wear red...I have made 2 skirts now and Friday I have to go down to the fabric store and find something else for the other dolly girl...fussy little things they are...

Storybook Woods said...

There is nothing like a candle you have made. You appreciate sooo much more. Clarice

Heather said...

What a beautiful way to live :) Its so easy to get caught up in the details of life, that sometimes we forget, as Tasha says, to "Take Joy." Those candle are beautiful! I love their warm color. You make such beautiful creations :)

Dixie Redmond said...

Oh, Christe' - What a beautiful time. What a great idea, too. I want to think of some activities like that for my boys and I to enjoy.


CARole said...

Christe', so glad to see you posting again. First off, congratulations on becoming a grandmother for the 3rd. time! I know you must be so thrilled. Your description of the candle making sounds so wonderful. I was telling Carole and Louise about your description yesterday, we had lunch together. I pictured every detail in my mind's eye. I enjoyed it so much. I would have loved being there.

Sea Angels said...

How very lovely Christine I found I had missed this post and I thought it beautiful. Your candles look simply perfect to me.
Hugs Lynn xx