Tuesday, October 28, 2008

an almost sleepy hollow day

It was almost a sleepy hollow day, but now the ghostly mist
that rose up
from the pond early this morning
has faded into the nearly bare trees.
Pale leaves swirl past my windows. I can't help but lay my sewing down and step outside.
The air is chill and the leaves are crisp underfoot.
I made a fire down in the orchard, burning some of the leaf piles
so I can plant bulbs in the orchard gardens.
It's very pleasant,even tho it's grey and dark...
my favorite kind of day.
an almost sleepy hollow day.
Days like these remind me of places and people I love.
I wonder what they might be doing this very minute
as I pile more leaves onto the smoky fire.
I send my thoughts to them as the smoke rises into the air
and swirls around the bare branches
of the old apple trees.
I wonder if my thoughts arrive in a swirl of smoke
to my loved ones...
do they know it's from me?
Wading ankle deep through yellow leaves, hands in my pockets, I feel
renewed and almost giddy.
I walk back
into the warm dark house,
to my chair by the fire.
I'm like a little child looking out of the school room window. I'm bent over my needle work and sew another seam...
I look out at the yellow leaves floating past my windows.
Just one more seam and another knot tied.
I have to lay my sewing down and go for a longer walk through the leaves...
while the air is crisp and chill.
While the light is just right
and the leaves swirl all around me
I love each season but none so much as when fall comes.
There's a peacefulness to it, a serene and quiet time
to enjoy things more slowly.
I hope that you are enjoying this lovely fall as much as possible.


Storybook Woods said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Fall is my favorite time of year. I can imagine how beautiful your farm is. Clarice

Sea Angels said...

Hello Christine, your writing is beautiful, and I felt that the smoke was twirling back through the ages, threading through your ancestors like a ribbon of love, from you to them, from them to you, and on it twirls and threads trail through your granchildrens lives and the people they will become, your love....its all there in your magical writings from the heart.
Wishing you peaceful and happy days.
Lynn xxx

Mrs. Staggs said...

Good day to you, Dear Christine.
This is another beautiful post, that has left me feeling quiet, and more peaceful.

I too love these autumn days. I've always thought of November as the quiet month, and I'm especially fond of chilly November mornings, and candlelit evenings spent with a good book or a bit of stitching.

All my best to you.