Friday, July 4, 2008

let us then live in peace

a wonderfully wise man,
Thomas Jefferson
born in Shadwell, Virginia
on Apr. 13, 1743
and died at his beloved home, Monticello
in Charlottesville, Virginia
July 4, 1826,
the 50th anniversary
of the Declaration of Independence


Storybook Woods said...

So beautifully said and still so true today. Happy 4th. xoxox Clarice

Mira said...

Definitely quote for all times. Love the picture and the doll in your banner is devine!


linda said...

I had seen your dolls a long time ago (the pilgrims that you have in past work on Deerfield Farms)and lost the link, but have literally been looking for you again for over a year now. Imagine my surprise today then when I came across your blog, followed the links and found your dolls again! You do beautiful work. Now when I am asked, who is your favorite doll maker? I can say your name instead of describing your dolls from memory!I also love your blog by the way.....

Becky said...

Hello dear friend.
I've been thinking of both Mr.Jefferson's since I visited the estate in Forest.
Any word on your Mr.Jefferson again. I do hope he has had a safe trip back.
I love this picture of yours for the 4th. So lovely.

Be Well,