Sunday, March 23, 2008

a blessed easter

early spring garden in Colonial Williamsburg
Easter has come very early this year...
most times there are enough tiny blooms
to make my own bouquet for Easter brunch,
but this year,
just one tiny daffodil is bravely
blooming down in the orchard.
My treasures, the old black hens,
are fluffed and snug under the old budded lilac.
The promise of spring is evident,
just not yet here.
In my heart I visit a peaceful, green,
lovely and serene brick walk
in one of my most beloved places to visit.
From my home,
I'll share a fragrant and fresh bouquet of
white crabapple blossoms
from the old knarled crabapple tree
with you.
sending wishes to you all
for a beautiful
Easter with those you love all around you.
and hopefully -
a lovely chocolate bunny
who is most definitely hard of hearing.
with love to my friends,
on this blessed Easter day,
Deerfield Farm


Storybook Woods said...

Happy, yummy Easter wishes. xoxoxox Clarice

Sea Angels said...

Gosh what a gorgeous veiw. I feel drawn as if in a dream, to wonder down the path, barefooted...with the sharp and wonderful smell of boxwood in the air....and the petals of crab apple drifting like snow across the path when the breeze blows. it's like a lost memory.......Happy Easter to you Christine.
Hugs for dreams
Lynn xx

Stacey said...

Thank you Christe` for sharing one of the best places to visit. I dearly miss olde Virginia. There are quite a few bunnies here today that are quite hard of hearing. Spring is on the way here~ I heard my red-winged blackbird the past few mornings! I wonder what caused such a long delay! Tim and I are awaiting some fiddleheads for dinner.. soon, very soon!

Miss.Maddie's said...

'My heart did flutter,
As I walked the path
That lead to the big front door,
For I knew, upon it's opening
That I was home once more.'
Thankyou for stirring the memories of a place and time we both find so dear to our hearts.
As we anxiously await the full blooming of spring, let me say that the cold of winter has surely passed warmed by the words you lay before us.
xo Susan

Ottilias Veranda said...

Ooh!..what a lovely garden path and apple blossoms at this time!(We still have snow here)
Happy Easter to You!


Heather said...

Wow, I just stumbled upon your journal and I am in love with your dolls-- also happy to see a fellow tasha tudor admirer! Your work is beautiful, and the photos you've shared are marvelous too. Lovely!~ I shall visit again!~

Jeannene said...

I truly love your site. I don't know if you even know me. I am Jeannene over at Love Conquers All. I am Mica from Garb~oodles Soup SIL. I hope you are able to visit me too.

I just adore your dolls and your site is so "Elegant" Love the Decor.

I just love coming here! *I have you added to my site.