Thursday, February 14, 2008

love letters of home

late afternoon light dances
across the walls
glowing golden on
early quilted petticoats and bonnets.
I like to think of the quiet little corners of my home as love letters to myself and my family.
You know, when you put together a little place that feels just right, with your treasured things. and then, when the light comes through, it surprises you with just how pretty it is...
the feelings that come from experiencing it for the few brief moments that the light comes through and you know how much you love where live...
then looking forward to the next little moment when the light changes again.
these are my love letters of home.


Becky said...

I was dreaming all night of your wonderful stories on your new blog. Oh I imagine Mr Jefferson is in for a lot of adventure. It is just wonderful. I love having a place to come read something that opens up my imagination. I am looking forward to more.
It is just lovely Christine.


Ulla said...

Beautiful photo and lovely sentiment...

Dixie Redmond said...

Oh, my - they are beautiful. Love the bonnet on the left. :-)


CARole said...

Christe', i am late writing this for i just now saw the lovely post you did for Valentine's Day. The photo is so pretty and, yes, i know exactly what you mean but of course i never thought of my little favorite spots in my home as being love letters, leave it to you, you special girl!

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful photo!
Sandra Evertson

Miss Maddie's said...

And now as the light begins to change and the sun rise earlier do you gaze upon those sweet little dresses and bonnets and dream of the young lass that would have wore them out into the garden to listen to the warbler sing?
I know you are already blessed with the arrival of spring as I still wait .So I shall live through your beautiful picture and dream.
xo Susan

oldflowers4me said...

the words are so true-just beautiful.

Sea Angels said...

How very beautiful your writing is, your words gentley evoke another era, it is as if you had stepped through time, and scooped them up. The photograph visually echos the same .... truly stunning
Lynn xx

d e a r said...

Wow! You really have a gift for writing and expressing yourself. Beautiful!

Love from a fellow LIGHT-lover