Friday, October 12, 2007

on women & friendship

I am not often in the company of other women as my life here has always seemed to be connected with the beautiful farm...what it needs and what we need to do to care for it. It is a constant quiet calling, a gentle hum of days filled with work from dawn to long after dark. There is not much time for "lunch with the girls" or shopping other than for groceries and feed for the animals.
I grew up this way and am quite used to it.
But lately I have felt a calling for myself beyond the call of my beautiful land.
...the company of other women.
and yet, it is a foreign place for me.
my dear friend, Gayle, who is quite a wonderful & successful business woman- she owns 3 wonderful antique malls in Portland, Oregon.
She has been my dear friend for nearly 20 years and I feel very comfortable in her presence.
We can visit up a storm and not see each other for months at a time and then when we do, we can start right where we left off
as though no time has passed at all.
She understands my love of the land and yet she knows, too, that we all need the company of other women...and she gave the gift of an experience that I would not have had.
She draws me in from the fields with words like "early home, early antiques...gardens...and invited me to accompany her into the most delicious of experiences such as an invitation to lunch with other women, all accomplished, all genuine and all wonderfully interesting beyond my realm. I loved it.
and it all took place in a home that just sang to my heart.
Rufus Porter murals-handpainted by our hostess- surrounded us at a long black table decorated with the fruits of autumn, flowers and candles in pewter candlesticks, delectable food & champagne which I need to ask the name of...a fire burning and crackling in the fireplace and reflected in the satin smooth wooden floorboards.
My eye was drawn to the colors of the walls, a pale persimmon with a collection of very early mirrors, so beautiful that I could not breath at first glance...beautiful hand hooked rugs and stone fruit, early paintings and silhouettes...
everywhere you looked was a feast for the eyes and soul.
Lovely old paned windows let in the late afternoon light as we all became sisters around that lovely old table. With stories and laughter and tears shed with the sharing of each others accomplishments and strength in the adversities of life.
I became aware that I am a sister to other women and need them.
It was a treasured afternoon that I will never forget.


Katie said...

This just makes my HEART SO HAPPY for you!!! I can't tell you how my heart welled up for you. That is the most beautiful sentiment mom!! You were just as much a treasure to those women as they were to you - isn't it the best thing about being women? Sharing and crying and laughing and only just meeting? Thank you for sharing yourself...I LOVE YOU!!

CARole said...

Christe', Just want you to know how I enjoyed hearing about your day with girlfriends. You know how I love your writing, and this post was no exception. I'm happy for you, and I am sure those women loved meeting you. Maybe some day, I will too.

Dixie Redmond said...

Oh, it does sound delicious! I'm glad for you.


Storybook Woods said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful gift that day. I always find it amazing how we women need each other. How we find ourselves in each other. I am soo glad you had such a lovely day. Clarice

BECKY said...

A wonderful day to share with us all. Thank you, I could see what you saw in your writings. And I know what you mean. I can get so involved in the sewing room and then remember I need to get out and my girlfriends are there. It is great.

Donna O'Brien said...

Hello Christine- what would we do without our connection to other women? It is irreplaceable. I treasure my friend SO much. Thanks for such a lovely post.

Mrs. Staggs said...

All of your posts are lovely, and I often take some time to think about them. This one especially, touches me, because I think these thoughts many days. More in the way of kindred spirits, rather than the company of women, though. A connection with people who see, and feel with their hearts. Not every woman will notice or understand taking the time to punch leaves in the paper lining the tin trays, like your friend Gayle did, and will say they don't have the time for such things. But I do take time, and a few of my friends do also. We do these things for each other. I am very grateful for what they bring to my days.
My husband has often said that I could be a hermit, and I am shy. I would have been terribly uncomfortable meeting so many new people in person. I've learned that is true of many bloggers. I think many of us, are looking for similar connections in our lives. I'm glad that you took the time, and had the courage to go...that you made that connection.
Best wishes to you!

Cathy Louise said...

Oh my dear Christe
You touch my heart every day... Even though I live on the opposite side of the world you truly feel like family to me and I must say (silly as it may seem to some) that you are one of my most treasured friends... Thank you as always for sharing your beautiful written words with us...
Love ya

Miss Maddie's said...

Dear Christe', Your post speaks volumes.I am glad you enjoyed yourself amongst other women and the common thread that binds us.
Somehow I could imagine you closing your eyes for just a moment and seeing a sweet young lass gliding across the floor in her long silke empire gown, taking you back to the 1800's amongst all those beautiful surroundings. Susan

Christine said...

dear readers,
this came from my friend,Laura.
I am blessed with such lovely friends whom I've never met.
Thank you everyone.

Dear Christine,

Since I don't have a Google account I couldn't reply on your blog to the beautiful experience and sentiments of your time in the company of women. Your writing is so beautiful and expressive that I felt as if I myself experienced it as well. I have been blessed beyond reason by the women in my life. Though many of us are from vastly different backgrounds, we still have shared experiences that God uses to bring us together. Though I spent my early life growing up in a big city (Chicago) I love the country and the different pace of life, one that seems as if it is 'grounded' to the land, closer to the heart of Creation.

Thank you for sharing a beautiful piece of you.


Michelle Sylvia said...

You have such a gift for words. I felt as if I was right along with the two of you visiting a magical place amongst friends. Glad that you had that moment and break.

Thanks for always sharing with us through your words and creations. You bless my days.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

oh, Christe' , what an absolutely wonderful post. After reading about it here, I went to Gayle's and read her account too. Isn't it such a gift that women can touch each other's hearts with friendship?

God made us so relational, so giving and caring. I love what your friend Laura said, and it's so true, "Though many of us are from vastly different backgrounds, we still have shared experiences that God uses to bring us together"- thank you for sharing your special day with all of us.
I love this most about blogging, through these connections I am blessed with women's friendship whom I would never meet in "real life" and as different as we all are, in most ways we are the same.

Wishing you a blessed weekend!
hugs, Lidy

Stacey said...

My heart smiles here with this writing. I am similar and that I don't keep a closeness as other women, a part of growing up on the move I suppose. I do have a few ladies that I hold very dear and escape with from time to time. There is a special magic in that...and you have put it all into words. Thank yo Christe~ for making my heart smile on this "Sleepy Hollow" afternoon in the North East!

Sandra Evertson said...

What a lovely post!
Sandra Evertson